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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 81-90 Answers

brain test level 81 answer

Level 81: Move the hour hand back to 2 o’clock and the food will be ok.

brain test level 82 answer

Level 82: Drag the 82 from the level counter and replace the X with 8 and Y with 2.

brain test level 83 answer

Level 83: Turn your device sideways and 8 will turn into the infinity symbol.

brain test level 84 answer

Level 84: Not sure? Move the rectangles away to count them; there are 4 of them.

brain test level 85 answer

Level 85: Don’t try through the maze; move the cat around the maze using the arrows.

brain test level 86 answer

 Level 86: Do what you are said BUT count to yourself and don’t trust the counters.

brain test level 87 answer

Level 87: Move the cows together to fall in love and make 4 calves and then tap on all of them.

brain test level 88 answer

Level 88: By counting the ones you can’t see there are 10 cubes in total.

brain test level 89 answer

Level 89: They are exactly the same; so 0 is the answer.

brain test level 90 answer

Level 90: Light the middle candle with the match and then use it to light one more.