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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 211-220 Answers

brain test level 211 answer

Level 211: Move the cloud over his head and tap it until it rains. When he moves the umbrella, tap the llama to spit at him.

brain test level 212 answer

Level 212: Tap on his teeth to knock out the fake ones; 12 is the answer.

brain test level 213 answer

Level 213: Start with 2 in the left, then 4 down, 1 up, 1 right and 2 down.

brain test level 214 answer

Level 214: Watch first and then tap the buttons in the same order.

brain test level 215 answer

Level 215: Take the star from the magic stick and move it to the sky.

brain test level 216 answer

Level 216: First put the blue colour in the empty tube and then it’s easy.

brain test level 217 answer

Level 217: Put the white mattress on the left under the girl and take the trampoline away.

brain test level 218 answer

Level 218: Move your device up and down, left and right until the candy reaches his mouth.

brain test level 219 answer

Level 219: Move the left hill to the right and jump.

brain test level 220 answer

Level 220: Move the white lines to the street to make a zebra crossing.