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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 241-250 Answers

brain test level 241 answer

Level 241: Only the apples, not the tomato; there are 18 apples in total.

brain test level 242 answer

Level 242: Move the clouds away and take off his hat; the sun will reflect on his head and light the fire.

brain test level 243 answer

Level 243: Move the middle black spot up or down and then draw the lines to make the triangle.

brain test level 244 answer

Level 244: The crab has ten legs, the small green fish is chasing the big green fish and the puff fish on the right is pink and white.

brain test level 245 answer

Level 245: Get the word “help” from the question and put it in the bubble; Superman will come to save the boy.

brain test level 246 answer

Level 246: Just turn your device upside down.

brain test level 247 answer

Level 247: Move the picture upwards to find the longest tail.

brain test level 248 answer

Level 248: Put the ingredients in the same order to make an identical burger.

brain test level 249 answer

Level 249: To make it work faster you have to clean the dirt from the fans.

brain test level 250 answer

Level 250: Just swipe up the sheets of the calendar to make it a weekend day.