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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 111-120 Answers

brain test level 111 answer

Level 111: 1 = “one”, so to get rid of it just put G in the front and it becomes “gone”.

brain test level 112 answer

Level 112: Drag the eggs to find a bald headed kid; 7 are the real eggs.

brain test level 113 answer

Level 113: Put Tom on the right side of the seesaw and then let the anvil fall on the left side of the seesaw.

brain test level 114 answer

Level 114: Give the leaf to the grasshopper, give the grasshopper to the mouse and the mouse to the cat.

brain test level 115 answer

Level 115: Tap the right screw of the shelf and the coffee cup will fall on his foot; take the bowl and put it to his mouth while he is yelling in pain.

brain test level 116 answer

Level 116: Ignore the extra 0’s and the total cost is $12.

brain test level 117 answer

Level 117: Tap on the two valves to close them; tap on the mouse and quickly tap the third valve to close it.

brain test level 118 answer

Level 118: Put the rocks on the papers to make them disappear; put the papers on the scissors to disappear.

brain test level 119 answer

Level 119: Tap the cannon to change its position; then tap the wick to shoot the first X and become a + . Tap the cannon again to change its position; then tap the wick to shoot the second X and become a + too. Now the equation is correct 15+15+15=45.

brain test level 120 answer

Level 120: Just tap on the bubbles to make the word VICTORY.