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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 331-340 Answers

brain test level 331 answer

Level 331: Drag the screw from the monster’s tail to the empty hole on the cannon to fix it.

brain test level 332 answer

Level 332: Drag the first yellow cat to the question mark.

brain test level 333 answer

Level 333: Rotate the hourglass 3-4 times in order to buy time for her.

brain test level 334 answer

Level 334: Swipe the red book and then put them in this order: red, blue, purple, yellow, green.

brain test level 335 answer

Level 335: Swipe up the calendar and choose June 31.

brain test level 336 answer

Level 336: His left arm and right foot are broken; swipe up on the broken bones to fix them.

brain test level 337 answer

Level 337: Swipe right on the CLOSED tag to make it OPEN and tap on the man.

brain test level 338 answer

Level 338: Drag the sofa upwards and roll the carpet to find the door on the floor.

brain test level 339 answer

Level 339: Arrange the red army as you see in the picture above and then start the battle.

brain test level 340 answer

Level 340: Drag them to the x-ray monitor to find clues; the hat hides things!