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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 201-210 Answers

brain test level 201 answer

Level 201: Tap the numbers in the order they are shown.

brain test level 202 answer

Level 202: Light up one circle for 1, two circles for 2, three circles for 3 and four circles for 4; mind the central circle.

brain test level 203 answer

Level 203: Tap the players with the circles around them as shown above and then shoot a goal.

brain test level 204 answer

Level 204: Put the box on the cat and take some cheese from the self and put it in front of the mouse hole. When the mouse comes out to eat the cheese, take the box off the screen and the cat will catch the mouse.

brain test level 205 answer

Level 205: Move the rocks until you find a red X. Now stick the shovel in it to find the treasure.

brain test level 206 answer

Level 206: Put a cloud in the car’s path to stop it.

brain test level 207 answer

Level 207: Tap the apples above the cub’s head and the mother will come out.

brain test level 208 answer

Level 208: Take the banana from the monkey and put it in front of the rabbit; it will trip and the tortoise will win.

brain test level 209 answer

Level 209: Drag the sword from the Ninja in the dream and give it to the real boy.

brain test level 210 answer

Level 210: Rub the left choice with your finger until it becomes “get rich” and then tap it.