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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 121-130 Answers

brain test level 121 answer

Level 121: He has to cheat! So make his neck longer to copy from his schoolmate.

brain test level 122 answer

Level 122: Feed each of them once; no one should eat multiple donuts.

brain test level 123 answer

Level 123: Just drag the video icon from the bottom onto the computer screen.

brain test level 124 answer

Level 124: First adjust the mirrors and then light the torch; the light will reflect and go straight into the cup to make his coffee hot.

brain test level 125 answer

Level 125: All three shapes will fit only in the first box.

brain test level 126 answer

Level 126: Two ways: either use the vertical matchstick to make 5 into 6 or use the same matchstick to make 9 into 8. Both are correct.

brain test level 127 answer

Level 127: Click on the order of quantity: 1 apple, two cherries, 3 bananas, 8 grapes.

brain test level 128 answer

Level 128: Drag the candles upward and you’ll see the cake; count the candles on the cake; 5 is the answer.

brain test level 129 answer

Level 129: Zoom in the target to make it very big and she’ll hit it.

brain test level 130 answer

Level 130: First, lift the four blocks as shown in the picture; then let the rat go for the cheese.

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