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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 271-280 Answers

brain test level 271 answer

Level 271: Put your device screen down and he’ll calm down.

brain test level 272 answer

Level 272: Under the books there’s a piece of paper with the secret code 12358.

brain test level 273 answer

Level 273: Move Sir Noobalot to the bridge and back several times; The troll will try to hit him and break the bridge.

brain test level 274 answer

Level 274: Move the screen to the right and you’ll see that the driver is sleeping. Tap on the driver to start driving.

brain test level 275 answer

Level 275: Take 7 and put it on 13 to make it 20; then tap on it.

brain test level 276 answer

Level 276: Open both eyelids at the same time.

brain test level 277 answer

Level 277: Try to give him all the food at once with the big platter.

brain test level 278 answer

Level 278: Just add all the numbers from its corners.

brain test level 279 answer

Level 279: Open the window and lower the temperature at the thermometer.

brain test level 280 answer

Level 280: Yellow goes to two screens and there’s no red screen.

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