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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 21-30 Answers

brain test level 21 answer

Level 21: Stick the shovel in the hill on the left; it’ll dig it up and a bone will pop out. Give it to the dog.

brain test level 22 answer

Level 22: Drag the word black onto any sheep you want to make it black.

brain test level 23 answer

Level 23: The jester has six fingers on his right hand.

brain test level 24 answer

Level 24: Tap the handle to open the fridge and put the elephant in it.

brain test level 25 answer

Level 25: The last letter in the word “spelling” is G.

brain test level 26 answer

Level 26: Zoom out the bus and slide it through the gate.

brain test level 27 answer

Level 27: It’s the rat in front of the black cat on the left.

brain test level 28 answer

Level 28: Put the clouds together; the lightning will hit the robber and save the girl.

brain test level 29 answer

Level 29: The objects represent Marvel Heroes; so write Avengers.

brain test level 30 answer

Level 30: There are 10 balls in total.