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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 141-150 Answers

brain test level 141 answer

Level 141: Shake your device and all the apples will drop.

brain test level 142 answer

Level 142: Remove the lady’s skirt from the left door; the sign will show a men’s toilet.

brain test level 143 answer

Level 143: Take the spider from the boy’s shoulder and dip it into the green chemical container; then put the green spider next to the small boy to make him a Spiderman.

brain test level 144 answer

Level 144: These are the initials for the numbers from one to eight; so the next one is nine; put N.

brain test level 145 answer

Level 145: There are still 10 fish in the aquarium; 6 dead and 4 alive.

brain test level 146 answer

Level 146: Take the hat off the head of the man in the middle; then search in his hair to find the diamond.

brain test level 147 answer

Level 147: Drag all three glasses up and voila!

brain test level 148 answer

Level 148: Drag the cloud behind the tree and put it in front of the sun; the water in the lake will freeze and the car can now cross the river.

brain test level 149 answer

Level 149: All of them belong to the same country: France (draw lines to show that).

brain test level 150 answer

Level 150: Put the left part on the middle one and then the right one on top of them.