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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 151-160 Answers

brain test level 151 answer

Level 151: Take the wheels of the car and put them on the man’s face as eyes and she will smile.

brain test level 152 answer

Level 152: Notice that mouse=4 and cat=6; the last cat is upside down so: 9+4+4=17.

brain test level 153 answer

Level 153: Take the weights out.

brain test level 154 answer

Level 154: Turn your device upside down and more blood will come to her head.

brain test level 155 answer

Level 155: Move the burger toward his mouth and when he opens it just put the broccoli in it.

brain test level 156 answer

Level 156: Move your cards left or right and press battle until you win.

brain test level 157 answer

Level 157: There are 9 aliens in total; the last one is on the bottom right corner (the little red-haired girl)

brain test level 158 answer

Level 158: In the word America the middle letter is R.

brain test level 159 answer

Level 159: Use your finger to turn his mouth into a smiling one.

brain test level 160 answer

Level 160: Open the window to let the sunlight come in.