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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 341-350 Answers

brain test level 341 answer

Level 341: Drag the red button upwards to crash it down.

brain test level 342 answer

Level 342: Swipe up the boy to jump each of them; the last obstacle is higher, so swipe it down before jumping.

brain test level 343 answer

Level 343: Use the knife to cut the turkey and then give them the parts as in the picture above to make them smile.

brain test level 344 answer

Level 344: Use the x-ray monitor to find the alien and tap on it.

brain test level 345 answer

Level 345: Swap them in this order to get a squirrel : lion to elephant, middle elephant to lion, top elephant to cat, mouse to elephant, top mouse to bottom mouse, wolf to mouse and at the end swap the wolves.

brain test level 346 answer

Level 346: There are four pump handles above the audience, drag two of them to yellow car and two of them to red car, now blue is alone and tap on GO button.

brain test level 347 answer

Level 347: Drag the JUMP button up and use it as a bridge.

brain test level 348 answer

Level 348: Tap the GO button and pass the ball through the rivals.

brain test level 349 answer

Level 349: And the last one is the octopus.

brain test level 350 answer

Level 350: Move the mouse left, down, right so that it eats all the cheese pieces.