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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 101-110 Answers

brain test level 101 answer

Level 101: Tap the blue button until the red button appears; move the red button away, and tap the blue one.

brain test level 102 answer

Level 102: Ignore the other equations and reverse the first one; 10 is the answer.

brain test level 103 answer

Level 103: Reverse the boy’s hat and put the girl’s hair in it; it looks like an ice cream cone; give it to her.

brain test level 104 answer

Level 104: The answer is 365 + 17 = 382.

brain test level 105 answer

Level 105: Turn your device upside down and shake it for the mayo to fall.

brain test level 106 answer

Level 106: Take the trap and put it between the rabbit and the carrots; tap the carrots and the rabbit will run towards them and get caught.

brain test level 107 answer

Level 107: Rub the baby’s belly and she’ll be happy again.

brain test level 108 answer

Level 108: Granny + 3 children + 3 spouses + 3 nephews + narrator = 11

brain test level 109 answer

Level 109: Take the sheep across. Then take the cabbage across and bring the sheep back. Then take the wolf across and get back alone to take the sheep again to the other side with the cabbage and the wolf.

brain test level 110 answer

Level 110: Tap one apple, then tap another and finally drag the dish with the last apple to the third child.