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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 181-190 Answers

brain test level 181 answer

Level 181: Tap the dog to make it look at the fish and then move the cat above the dog; tap the dog again to make it look to the right and place the cat on the fish.

brain test level 182 answer

Level 182: Move the door handle to the right side of the car; tap the go button to make it go to New York.

brain test level 183 answer

Level 183: Pick up the walnut and drop it onto the rocks to crack it; now feed the nut to the crow.

brain test level 184 answer

Level 184: Put the small snow ball on the large one and drag the sun onto them to make a head; put the two sticks as the arms, the carrot as the nose and the two black dots as the eyes.

brain test level 185 answer

Level 185: Just drag the lion image on top of the puzzle.

brain test level 186 answer

Level 186: Pull the pedals off the flower and then the pedal on her head.

brain test level 187 answer

Level 187: Take the blue light from the bumper of the blue car and put it on the hood to make it an emergency signal.

brain test level 188 answer

Level 188: Tap the ghost hunter to see the ghosts; tap him and put the traps where the ghosts were; tap him again to trap the ghosts.

brain test level 189 answer

Level 189: The reverse of “bad” is “dab”.

brain test level 190 answer

Level 190: He sees: 1st row 0000, 2nd row 00×0, 3rd row 0xx0, 4th row xxxx (x=block, 0=blank).