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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 251-260 Answers

brain test level 251 answer

Level 251: Move the red platform first next to the grey part on the top and while he is walking on the middle grey platform, move the red one next to the bottom grey part.

brain test level 252 answer

Level 252: Move the opening left and right, up and down until you find the dog between two wardrobes.

brain test level 253 answer

Level 253: To get rid of the traffic, turn your device to the right and all vehicles will go away.

brain test level 254 answer

Level 254: Just swipe in the sword’s direction.

brain test level 255 answer

Level 255: Unfortunately, the ghost is invisible so you must remember where it is. Move 1 down, 3 right, 2 down, 2 left, 2 down, 4 right and it will have escaped the traps.

brain test level 256 answer

Level 256: Get some water with the bucket and water the flower; then give the hey to the cow to eat and it will produce some fertilizer to give to the flower.

brain test level 257 answer

Level 257: Just move the word “fix” from the question and put it on the car.

brain test level 258 answer

Level 258: To save the town drag the mountain to make it higher.

brain test level 259 answer

Level 259: Tap the big turtle to hide in the shell and it will attack the snake.

brain test level 260 answer

Level 260: Just put the two parts of the face next to each other.