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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 411-420 Answers

brain test level 411 answer

Level 411: Cause a collision of the clouds to have a lightning.

brain test level 412 answer

Level 412: Move the hills upwards.

brain test level 413 answer

Level 413: After the first three taps, move it upwards before tapping on it.

brain test level 414 answer

Level 414: Move the X-ray upwards to the left.

brain test level 415 answer

Level 415: Find two wings on the sheep and give them to her.

brain test level 416 answer

Level 416: Move the safe above the dog’s head, open its door and shake your device.

brain test level 417 answer

Level 417: Just send the knight on top of it.

brain test level 418 answer

Level 418: Tap on the arrows as above and then GO.

brain test level 419 answer

Level 419: Tap on his right hand and match the cards with the ghosts.

brain test level 420 answer

Level 420: Move the tubes as above and tap on the wizard.