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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 291-300 Answers

brain test level 291 answer

Level 291: Give them the jar of honey and see who doesn’t like it.

brain test level 292 answer

Level 292: Use the tissue to clean his face and then turn his face to the right and clean the other cheek too.

brain test level 293 answer

Level 293: Drag the sack on the floor 2-3 times to pour flour and see the ghosts’ footprints.

brain test level 294 answer

Level 294: Pull the platforms downwards so that 1 is the highest, then 2 and then 3.

brain test level 295 answer

Level 295: Drag the torch to the right.

brain test level 296 answer

Level 296: Take the bear doll from the baby and when hestarts crying you’ll see who the real mom is.

brain test level 297 answer

Level 297: Give the bow to the boy, the wand to the wizard and the pickaxe to the dwarf.

brain test level 298 answer

Level 298: Drag the clock to the man on the sofa.

brain test level 299 answer

Level 299: Drag the left part of the glasses away and then zoom in the other half to make a frying pan; then drag the white part of the ghost and the sun to make an egg.

brain test level 300 answer

Level 300: Turn the right girl’s face to the right to see her mouth.