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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 311-320 Answers

brain test level 311 answer

Level 311: Drag them one by one near the sun to see which one melts.

brain test level 312 answer

Level 312: Hold the opening and shake the bottle.

brain test level 313 answer

Level 313: They need the same time.

brain test level 314 answer

Level 314: Tap on the yellow button and the word “buttons” simultaneously.

brain test level 315 answer

Level 315: Apple=5, peach=2, orange=8 ; the total is 15.

brain test level 316 answer

Level 316: Tap on the direction circles in this order: right, up, down, left.

brain test level 317 answer

Level 317: Tap on the clock and its starts ringing; then drag it to the boy.

brain test level 318 answer

Level 318: Put the pipes in the correct place.

brain test level 319 answer

Level 319: The differences are on hands and hair.

brain test level 320 answer

Level 320: Take off his socks; all of them!