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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 171-180 Answers

brain test level 171 answer

Level 171: Just tickle both his feet until he starts laughing.

brain test level 172 answer

Level 172: Tap and drag the star to make its wish come true.

brain test level 173 answer

Level 173: There’s a key under the doormat; use it to open the door.

brain test level 174 answer

Level 174: Lift the tortoise’s shell to find two rockets; tap on them to make it win.

brain test level 175 answer

Level 175: Pick up the dice to see the number.

brain test level 176 answer

Level 176: Drag “son” from the question and put it next to JA to make it Jason.

brain test level 177 answer

Level 177: Drag the baby’s hair away; the bug that is in it will go away and the baby will stop crying.

brain test level 178 answer

Level 178: Put the basket under the right apple and shake your device; then do the same for the middle apple and the left one.

brain test level 179 answer

Level 179: Get the counter to 9 and then turn your device upside down.

brain test level 180 answer

Level 180: Tap 6 rabbits, one cat, one horse, and a snake in the tree; then move the snake to the horse to scare it and a mouse will appear; tap on it too.