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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 71-80 Answers

brain test level 71 answer

Level 71: Remove sticks to make the word “ten”.

brain test level 72 answer

Level 72: Hold your finger on its nose; it will inflate and fly away.

brain test level 73 answer

Level 73: Pull the left side of the match box open, get the match and light it, light the cannon to tilt the platform and the mouse will drop into the cat’s mouth.

brain test level 74 answer

Level 74: First take off the lid and then flip your device over until you get the 9 candies.

brain test level 75 answer

Level 75: Not arithmetically; from the one on the bottom to the one on the top.

brain test level 76 answer

Level 76: Give the daily gift box to the boy.

brain test level 77 answer

Level 77: Move him to the top right corner and then around the zombies to the car.

brain test level 78 answer

Level 78: All are triangles, no squares; the answer is 0.

brain test level 79 answer

Level 79: Take the “100” from the question and put it on the button; then press it once.

brain test level 80 answer

Level 80: Tap the apples and put the worm on the hook so that he’ll catch a fish.

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