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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 371-380 Answers

brain test level 371 answer

Level 371: Drag the 0 away and put the 10 and 5 on the other side.

brain test level 372 answer

Level 372: Zoom in on the word “muscles” in the text.

brain test level 373 answer

Level 373: Turn the dog over and drag the coin to it.

brain test level 374 answer

Level 374: Find her eyelashes on her hair and use the napkin to rub her face.

brain test level 375 answer

Level 375: Drag the umbrella to the sun.

brain test level 376 answer

Level 376: Move the cloud upwards to turn white and then tap on it to start snowing.

brain test level 377 answer

Level 377: Drag the brush and rub it on the shirt then move it to his hair to make him taller.

brain test level 378 answer

Level 378: Put the clouds aside to reveal the moon.

brain test level 379 answer

Level 379: Move the beard to the bald man’s head.

brain test level 380 answer

Level 380: Rub off their masks to find who’s suspicious.