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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 261-270 Answers

brain test level 261 answer

Level 261: Move the top right circle to the middle first and then tap its place.

brain test level 262 answer

Level 262: First change1 /2 into 2/2 by using the second 2 behind the 2 and go.

brain test level 263 answer

Level 263: Get the bone and turn it around the dog again and again until it becomes dizzy; then move the cat to the fish.

brain test level 264 answer

Level 264: Give him everything that can be eaten or drunk.

brain test level 265 answer

Level 265: Use the log as bridge by putting in between the hills and zooming it.

brain test level 266 answer

Level 266: Behind the teddy bear you will find a TV remote control; use it to change channels and find cartoons.

brain test level 267 answer

Level 267: Move the fire to the catapult and then shoot.

brain test level 268 answer

Level 268: Get the water on the left and put it in the dragon’s mouth; then the knight will defeat it.

brain test level 269 answer

Level 269: Just put the question mark on Jupiter; who knows what is on it?

brain test level 270 answer

Level 270: Drag the horn and the boy will wake up.