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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 321-330 Answers

brain test level 321 answer

Level 321: Draw a wire from his cell phone to the headphones.

brain test level 322 answer

Level 322: Shake the soda can in his hand to make it explode.

brain test level 323 answer

Level 323: Tap on the screen to make the ball move. Tap again when the ball is in the red part of the yellow circle. Finally, tap again when the ball is in the blue part of the red circle.

brain test level 324 answer

Level 324: Drag the sword to the pumpkin to carve a face and then put the candle in the pumpkin.

brain test level 325 answer

Level 325: Swipe up all the costumes and then tap the 0 on the boy’s shirt.

brain test level 326 answer

Level 326: Swipe up the ghost costume and drag the candies she’s hidden in the socks, pocket and behind her ear and give them to mom; then empty both children’s pumpkins into the mom’s one.

brain test level 327 answer

Level 327: Put them: line 1= all blue, line 2= red-green-red and line 3= green-yellow-yellow.

brain test level 328 answer

Level 328: Swipe up their ears.

brain test level 329 answer

Level 329: Get the sword and save them all.

brain test level 330 answer

Level 330: Use the coloured buttons in this order: blue, red, yellow and green.