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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 301-310 Answers

brain test level 301 answer

Level 301: Hold both sides of the life net with two fingers and then tap on the JUMP button with a third finger.

brain test level 302 answer

Level 302: Put the cereal box aside to find the cat behind it.

brain test level 303 answer

Level 303: Drag three stones and put them into the water.

brain test level 304 answer

Level 304: Drag the boy to the left and see who’ll save him.

brain test level 305 answer

Level 305: Change the direction of the blue wizard’s stick so that it fires the chandelier above black wizard’s head.

brain test level 306 answer

Level 306: Use a finger to hold the saxophone bell so that it stops making the noise.

brain test level 307 answer

Level 307: Since only one is telling the truth, the other three are telling lies; tap on the one who’s saying “three of us are liars”.

brain test level 308 answer

Level 308: Drag them upwards and let them fall down and break.

brain test level 309 answer

Level 309: Open the closet and combine red and blue colours; then drag it to her hair.

brain test level 310 answer

Level 310: Draw the stone to find the chicken and then tap them in the order you’re told.