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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 131-140 Answers

brain test level 131 answer

Level 131: Think of a manual transmission car; so under the 5th gear comes the reverse; R is the answer.

brain test level 132 answer

Level 132: Click on the word “car” in the question.

brain test level 133 answer

Level 133: Drag the 7+6+ out of the screen and the equation becomes 5=5

brain test level 134 answer

Level 134: The first one is wearing a wig; you have to discard him.

brain test level 135 answer

Level 135: Pick the snow balls from the ground and give them to the kid on the right.

brain test level 136 answer

Level 136: Rotate your device so that “right” is right.

brain test level 137 answer

Level 137: Move his mouth to all party horns to see which one is the longest; click on the yellow one.

brain test level 138 answer

Level 138: Bee honey comes from bees; click on the word “bee” in the question.

brain test level 139 answer

Level 139: Click on all the aliens; don’t click on the cats.

brain test level 140 answer

Level 140: If all 5 chickens are in one container, you need 5 minutes only.