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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 161-170 Answers

brain test level 161 answer

Level 161: Pull the shape apart to count the triangles; 5 is the answer.

brain test level 162 answer

Level 162: Drag the cat off the right side and it will reappear on the left side; now it can eat all of them.

brain test level 163 answer

Level 163: Drag the ice cream on the right to the box four times and the ice cream on the left twice to have equal-sized portions.

brain test level 164 answer

Level 164: Tap on the yellow ball and hold it until the blue ball crashes on it and it will become green.

brain test level 165 answer

Level 165: Just get the word “stone” from the question and put it on the word “window”.

brain test level 166 answer

Level 166: Tap on the phone on the bedside table and dial 911.

brain test level 167 answer

Level 167: Tap on 1 and drag it twice so that it becomes 111>100.

brain test level 168 answer

Level 168: Just move the finishing line downwards and only the blue car will cross it.

brain test level 169 answer

Level 169: Move them close to one another and their hands will link; then tap on the parachute the third from the left is wearing.

brain test level 170 answer

Level 170: Just move the minute hand to 12.