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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 281-290 Answers

brain test level 281 answer

Level 281: Move the screen to the left so that the spaceship can reach the Earth.

brain test level 282 answer

Level 282: Only the pufferfish becomes bigger when it’s threatened.

brain test level 283 answer

Level 283: Only number 5 is above number 4.

brain test level 284 answer

Level 284: You can fix the headlight by putting a new bulb; use the one on top right corner.

brain test level 285 answer

Level 285: Move the yellow and blue boxes to the left.

brain test level 286 answer

Level 286: Just blacken the two left dots in the middle line.

brain test level 287 answer

Level 287: Try plucking out the virus’s tentacles.

brain test level 288 answer

Level 288: Drag Tom to the fish from the smallest to the biggest.

brain test level 289 answer

Level 289: Move him left or right to eat healthy food.

brain test level 290 answer

Level 290: Move the rock and the bin in front of two of them and let them enter the building one by one.