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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 51-60 Answers

brain test level 51 answer

Level 51: Ignore the equations; the answer is 999

brain test level 52 answer

Level 52: Just hold your device upside down and it will stop crying.

brain test level 53 answer

Level 53: Put two fingers on the cookie and spill it in half by pulling your fingers apart.

brain test level 54 answer

Level 54: They are all brothers so they have the same sister, 6 siblings in total.

brain test level 55 answer

Level 55: Shake your device and one of them will get carsick.

brain test level 56 answer

Level 56: Swipe the wallet upwards and then tap it to open and the money will fall out.

brain test level 57 answer

Level 57: Five in the main picture plus the minus and plus signs, 7 in total.

brain test level 58 answer

Level 58: Just put your device screen face down.

brain test level 59 answer

Level 59: Drag the word “red” to win the race.

brain test level 60 answer

Level 60: Drag the number 9 in the question and it becomes 6.