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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Answers for All Levels

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles Level 361-370 Answers

brain test level 361 answer

Level 361: Drag the small red ball of Santa’s hat to the first deer’s face as a nose.

brain test level 362 answer

Level 362: Tap and swipe his tongue down and drag the candy to his tongue so that it sticks.

brain test level 363 answer

Level 363: Tap the lights button 3-4 times to get the cat confused and then drag the star above its head to the top of the tree.

brain test level 364 answer

Level 364: Tilt your device to the left so they will have more power.

brain test level 365 answer

Level 365: Put the reindeers on the left in the same order as they are on the right.

brain test level 366 answer

Level 366: Tap on each glass to see which one breaks and then jump to the others.

brain test level 367 answer

Level 367: Drag the gifts to the boys to find a piece of coal and put it to the fire.

brain test level 368 answer

Level 368: Just tighten his belt to make him thin.

brain test level 369 answer

Level 369: Drag the part of her hair that covers her eye.

brain test level 370 answer

Level 370: Pull the left side of the road upwards to tilt it.