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Brain Out Answers for All Levels

Brain Out Level 51-60 Answers

brain out level 51 answer

Level 51: After the 6th tap, wait for some seconds until the color becomes green again.

brain out level 52 answer

Level 52: Rub the lamp several times and then tap the book; knowledge can help you realise your dreams.

brain out level 53 answer

Level 53: The circle has got infinite sides.

brain out level 54 answer

Level 54: [(1st column + 2nd column) x 2nd column = 4th column] and [2nd column x 3rd column = 5th column] So (6+7)x7=91 is the answer

brain out level 55 answer

Level 55: Just press the nose until it wakes up.

brain out level 56 answer

Level 56: Just tap the tog several times.

brain out level 57 answer

Level 57: Line 7 / column 20

brain out level 58 answer

Level 58: Drag the yellow square onto the blue one to make green and then tap it.

brain out level 59 answer

Level 59: Move the square under the four sided shape and you’ll have a hexagon.

brain out level 60 answer

Level 60: Look at them as groups (1,3,5) and (2,4,6) so G is the correct answer.

Anushree Jain

Saturday 18th of March 2023

This is very usefull because if you are not getting an answer/can't understand how it happens this website can help us during this situation... Loved...😇😇