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Brain Out Answers for All Levels

Brain Out Level 131-140 Answers

brain out level 131 answer

Level 131: Switch the lamp off and tap the escape button again and again.

brain out level 132 answer

Level 132: Shake the monster and put the hoop on the head of the monkey; then click on the leg of the chair and give the stick to the monkey to beat the monster.

brain out level 133 answer

Level 133: Find them in the picture above and the last one is on the cupboard between the drawers.

brain out level 134 answer

Level 134: Drag the ropes to the tree and use the logs to make a ladder by stacking them one above the other.

brain out level 135 answer

Level 135: Rotate 9 to make it 6; 6+11+13=30 is the answer.

brain out level 136 answer

Level 136: After finding the ping pong twice the counter shows 10; rub 0 out to reduce speed and then find the third ball.

brain out level 137 answer

Level 137: Tie both ropes by stretching one rope at end to reach the other and make a knot.

brain out level 138 answer

Level 138: She has 7 sons and each one has a sister, the same sister; 8 is the answer.

brain out level 139 answer

Level 139: Get the shovel between the stone and the tree and make a hole in front of the thief; cover it with dry grass and the thief will be trapped.

brain out level 140 answer

Level 140: Use a finger to hold the weight and use another finger to save the egg.

Anushree Jain

Saturday 18th of March 2023

This is very usefull because if you are not getting an answer/can't understand how it happens this website can help us during this situation... Loved...😇😇