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Brain Out Answers for All Levels

Brain Out Level 201-210 Answers

brain out level 201 answer

Level 201: Zoom out the screen to find the mother chicken; move her to the eggs so that they crack and move her to see the chick.

brain out level 202 answer

Level 202: Just move the girl to the middle.

brain out level 203 answer

Level 203: There’s a number on the curtain: 9342. Swipe the curtain to the right. Zoom in on the window and then zoom in on the locker. Enter the number from the curtain in the lock and the window will open.

brain out level 204 answer

Level 204: Just use the rubber to erase the red line of the timer.

brain out level 205 answer

Level 205: Turn your device upside down and tap on the boy; hold your device like that until he reaches the finish line.

brain out level 206 answer

Level 206: The password is “?”.

brain out level 207 answer

Level 207: Use two fingers; hold the weights and drag the egg.

brain out level 208 answer

Level 208: Just tap the power button of the TV.

brain out level 209 answer

Level 209: Put your finger in front of the bullseye to block the arrow.

brain out level 210 answer

Level 210: Drag the word “feet” above the word “shoulder”.

Anushree Jain

Saturday 18th of March 2023

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