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Brain Out Answers for All Levels

Brain Out Level 171-180 Answers

brain out level 171 answer

Level 171: Take the fish out of the fire before it gets scorched and the cat will come to eat it.

brain out level 172 answer

Level 172: Look at the question carefully! A=b, b=10 so a=10

brain out level 173 answer

Level 173: Move the tap button and then press 1000.

brain out level 174 answer

Level 174: Remove the already parked cars and then use the arrows to park yours.

brain out level 175 answer

Level 175: Zoom in on the match box to reveal the matches, strike a match and light the candle.

brain out level 176 answer

Level 176: Zoom out on the monster to make it very small and then put it in your pocket.

brain out level 177 answer

Level 177: The developer is the smartest in this brilliant game.

brain out level 178 answer

Level 178: First take off his shoe and then use the feather to tickle his foot.

brain out level 179 answer

Level 179: Find the key behind the safe and put it in the lock; then slide to open it.

brain out level 180 answer

Level 180: Just use the clock hands as numbers: 51+13=174, 911+72=983, 113-16=97

Anushree Jain

Saturday 18th of March 2023

This is very usefull because if you are not getting an answer/can't understand how it happens this website can help us during this situation... Loved...😇😇