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Brain Out Answers for All Levels

Brain Out Level 161-170 Answers

brain out level 161 answer

Level 161: Since 8=2^3 – one cut=2pcs, two cuts=4pcs and three cuts=8pcs – 3 is the answer.

brain out level 162 answer

Level 162: Zoom in the blue creature and when it becomes big, it will eat the monsters.

brain out level 163 answer

Level 163: Slide your finger left and right without lifting it; all the cards will disappear in the end.

brain out level 164 answer

Level 164: Put them all in a single turn by clicking quickly in the same row.

brain out level 165 answer

Level 165: You can get the chick out through the middle space of the right part of the bars.

brain out level 166 answer

Level 166: Click on the right side of the machine to open the grip control and then click on the button to increase the grip. Then drag a coin and put it in the slot. Then move the catcher to the right by using the right button. Click on the yellow button in order to catch the doll.

brain out level 167 answer

Level 167: First goal twice and then be ready to be quick; goal for a third time and get the ball and put it in the goal before the red bar is full.

brain out level 168 answer

Level 168: Just be quick! The pairs of number are never the same.

brain out level 169 answer

Level 169: Use one finger to lift the jug and another finger to rotate it to pour water in the glass.

brain out level 170 answer

Level 170: Move the car to the right where there are more empty spaces: park it in any of them.

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Saturday 18th of March 2023

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