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Brain Out Answers for All Levels

Brain Out Level 191-200 Answers

brain out level 191 answer

Level 191: Take the cloth out of the boy’s pocket and clean his eyeglasses.

brain out level 192 answer

Level 192: Turn down the volume of your device and don’t speak for some seconds.

brain out level 193 answer

Level 193: Just drag the word “password” and put it in the number entry field.

brain out level 194 answer

Level 194: Swap the numbers 3 and 6 and then drag 2 apples to each person.

brain out level 195 answer

Level 195: Just switch the monkey with the gorilla.

brain out level 196 answer

Level 196: Click the five smiles you can see and then drag down on the “serious” face to make it smile too.

brain out level 197 answer

Level 197: By going left and right and jumping on the cloud you can collect 4 coins; the fifth one is in his bag, so tap on it repeatedly to break it.

brain out level 198 answer

Level 198: Tap her head repeatedly to get more stars.

brain out level 199 answer

Level 199: Zoom out the screen to find a burrow and move him in it; you need to put him in a specific spot (center-left) so try multiple times until it works.

brain out level 200 answer

Level 200: Drive the car left or right to avoid the barriers till above the word “end”.

Anushree Jain

Saturday 18th of March 2023

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