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Battle Breakers Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters (Tier List)

Battle Breakers is an awesome gacha RPG created by Epic Games for Android, iOS, and PC. The game has full cross-platform support which means you get to continue your progress on any of your devices. You will want to do that, too, because there are so many things to do, one device may not be enough.

The game is set in a world that has been overrun by dark forces. Most of the population has been trapped inside crystals, and it is up to you to rescue them all. We have published a detailed beginner’s guide for Battle Breakers in the past, so if you are just starting out in the game, then we advise you to head over to that article for some useful tips and strategies.

The journey will be perilous, but you will have the help of various heroes. You can only take five of them to battle, so you will need to assemble the best possible team out of the hundreds that you can recruit. Each hero has his own set of skills and attributes. Deciding which ones to invest your resources in can be difficult. If you can’t figure out who you want on your team, be sure to check out our Battle Breakers tier list, as we are going to showcase the best heroes in the game!

Best Light Heroes


razor battle breakers

Despite being just a Very Rare hero, Razor has the potential to become a powerful AoE Nuker. She is mediocre as a basic hero, but when you upgrade her to 5 stars, she can deal massive damage and make quick work of any opponent thanks to her Passive and Commander skills that adds more daggers to her Crystal Daggers. What’s even better is that you can farm her shards from level 20-8, making her easy to acquire compared to most other heroes on this list.


She is a Super Rare hero that can be upgraded up to 6 stars. Her passive skill Break Armor allows her to reduce enemy DEF by a whopping 75% for every successful crit or block. Since her Commander skill Combat Veteran gives the entire team a 15% boost in block and crit chance, you will be shredding the enemy team with ease.


Since she is relatively new, she tends to be underappreciated. She is a Super Rare tank healer that can also dish out massive damage. Her Commander skill heals for 100% of her ATK after every Reflex Def, making nearly impossible to take her down.

Noble Guardian

Another Light hero that’s annoying to go up against. He restores mana to his teammates allowing them to use their skills faster. He is also a great healer. His Commander skill is one of the best in the game, healing his team for 35% of their max HP while giving them a 40% ATK buff and 200% DEF buff for 8 turns.


Another Very Rare hero that can deal massive damage. His Piercing Lance I dishes out 250% ATK to all enemies. It becomes even more powerful thanks to his Passive skill that gives him a 25% increase in ATK while at full health. The only catch here is that he will leave the battlefield for 5 turns while he charges up his lance. Depending on the situation, the battle may be over before he can even unleash his skill.

Sun Wukong

The party never ends with this monkey on your team. His passive gives him a 15% Double Strike boost for the fun of it. His Commander skill adds another 15% Double Strike boost, this time for the entire team. Team him up with fellow double strikers and watch your heroes keep punching.


She is the third Very Rare hero on this list and possibly one of the best Supports in the game. Her Shield of Light increases her team’s DEF by 100% of her ATK for 3 turns. This effect is doubled for heroes on her row. All enemies are also blinded for 3 turns, which means their Reflex ATK will not be triggered. Her Commander skill extends the duration of Shield of Light by 4 turns and even adds 50% ATK HP regeneration.

Best Dark Heroes

Dreadlord Karne

dreadlord karne battle breakers

He is another Very Rare hero whose shards you can farm. Just hit stage 21-8 until you have enough to summon him. His Abyssal Gaze deals damage to all enemies and greatly reduces their DEF. As a Shadowknight, he has high HP and attack growth. Unfortunately, he also has a massive 8-turn cooldown and a relatively low mana pool. His Commander skill No Hope deals damage to enemies on Dark Terrain, and it works well with his passive.

Cuddle Team Leader

This Super Rare care bear deals decent AoE damage, but her stun is where she truly shines. Boogie Combo stuns her target and nearby enemies for 3 turns and disables their Reflex DEF for the same duration. Her Commander skill is also decent, healing the team for 15% of their max HP every 4 turns off cooldown, and 100% every 10 turns off cooldown. She is perfect for auto-battling throughout story mode.


Despite having a terrible Commander skill, Zedia is possible one of the best possible heroes to team up with Sun Wukong. She will attack in sync with her teammates for 3 turns when her Sinister Strikes is active. Her Reflex ATK also gives her 20% Double Strike chance. If that’s not enough, her passive makes her follow up all attacks with a second strike at 50% ATK power.


She is a Super Rare hero who can work well on a Dark element team as her passive automatically smashes non-Dark terrain and creates Dark terrain on neutral cells. What truly makes her shine, however, is her Commander skill Harvest Souls as it is one of the best mana recovery skills in the game.

Lu Bu

Make this Super Rare hero your Commander and your enemies will know the meaning of pain. His Obliterate special skill deals 250% to 530% ATK depending on his current HP. The lower his health, the higher the damage dealt. It also heals him for 20% of the damage dealt. His Commander skill Warlord gives him a 30% boost in ATK, additional 40% max HP, and 25% Block chance increase. His passive makes him even more vicious by increasing his damage by 20% for 2 attacks after blocking.


This Super Rare hero specializes in utilizing terrain. Team her up with heroes that create Dark terrain in order to maximizer her potential. Her passive skill gives her additional 3% damage for each active Dark terrain on the field. Her Commander skill also damages all enemies near Dark terrain for 100% of her ATK. Her Exploding Palm special skill deals 200% ATK damage on enemies. When her target dies, it will explode and deal a massive 400% ATK damage to nearby enemies. This also creates Dark terrain for 10 turns, making her even more powerful on the next attack.

Sandor Nighthawk

This guy may just be a Very Rare hero, but he can permastun bosses when they reach below 50% HP thanks to his passive skill Maim. His Special skill also stuns enemies for 2 turns and reduces their ATK by 25% for 4 turns. Make sure you have nukers on your team to take advantage of the stuns.

Best Water Heroes

Cryosteel Golem

cryosteel golem battle breakers

Very few heroes can compare to this guy when it comes to offense. He can alamost permastun bosses and can give his team major buffs. The only downside to this guy is that he is difficult to unlock. You can only get him by reaching level 300 in your monster pit, and that’s a long way to go.


She is a Super Rare support hero whose special skill revives all dead allies and heals living allies for 300% of her ATK. She also has a great Commander skill that allows her to empower an ally with either increased ATK or DEF, or elemental terrain bonus for 10 turns.

Tessa Trueshot

If you have read our beginner guide, you would know that you can actually get Tessa at the beginning of the game. She is literally a Boss Killer as she deals 25% more damage to bosses. Her Commander skill also increases her entire team’s ATK by 20%. She is the best starter hero in the game, so make sure you get her!


She may be just a 5-star hero, but she can be very annoying when in a team of stunners. Her passive skill allows her to consume 60 mana when she dies in order to automatically resurrect. That in itself can be frustrating, but that’s not the clincher. Make her a Commander and all your enemies will be delayed for 1 turn on every Color Match action. Throw in a few stuns into the mix and your enemies will never get their turn.


Despite being just a 5-star hero, Zerous is actually a great stunner, especially when going against Fire elemental heroes. His Special skill Bash has a low cooldown and stuns its target for 2 turns. The stun duration is doubled if the target is Fire elemental. His Commander skill lets the team absorb 30% of Water damage received and gives a 15% ATK boost for all Water heroes.

Sie Lung

You can practically hear the Bruce Lee sound effects whenever this Super Rare hero uses his Hundred Fists special ability. Make him the Commander and the Hundred Fists will hit all enemies on the battlefield. Team him up with Dan Go to make enemies bleed after every punch.


Remember how painful Vera can be after each successful crit? Well throw this girl into the team for her Relentless Tide and you’ll get another 20% boost in critical chance plus a 20% increase in ATK. She will also passively increase her own crit by 10% for every basic attack that does not crit. If you have a bunch of high cooldown heroes, make her your captain and sit them next to her to reduce their cooldown.

Best Nature Heroes

Lady Sun

lady sun battle breakers

This Super Rare hero has one of the highest ATK ratings in the game. That’s why you don’t need any fancy strategies with her. Use her Hail of Bullets special skill to make her automatically attack for 203% of her ATK at the start of each turn for 5 turns. Since the skill only has a 4-turn cooldown, you’ll be ready to cast it again by the time its duration ends. Add her Lightning Reflexes passive into the mix, and she’ll be punching the enemy’s lights out in no time.

Mobile Battle Suit

If you are in need of a boss killer to replace Tessa on your team, this guy is your best bet. As a Super Rare unit, he has better stats than Tessa. His Blitzkrieg skill also hits enemies repeatedly until his mana runs out. Both Commander and passive skills restore mana, allowing him to set up another Blitzkrieg on the off chance that the enemy survives the first one.

Eternal Protector

This is possibly the best tank in the game as that’s all he ever does. His special skill creates an impenetrable shield that absorbs up to 450% ATK. While the skill is active, he will intercept all incoming attacks. When used as a Commander, he will reduce damage received for everyone on his row by 25%. His passive increases his block chance every time he fails to block. If he successfully blocks, his ATK increases instead.

Guan Yu

If you need a tank that can also deal decent damage, you could go with this guy instead. His Rock Form special skill increases his DEF by 30% of his ATK and it lasts for 5 turns. He has 100% chance to intercept when his HP is above 70%, so all you need is a pretty consistent healer and you’d have someone to intercept attacks all the time.


Since he is just a Very Rare hero, he is relatively easier to acquire compared to the other entries on the Nature list. His special skill and Commander skill both benefit the whole team. Power Strike increases the team’s DEF by 10% of his max HP for the next hit. His Defensive Tactics, on the other hand, increases the Block chance of the team by 20%.


Players who don’t like reading skill descriptions tend to underestimate him, but in a nutshell, he’s the best Nature stunner there is. He stuns enemies for three turns every time he counter attacks. Since his special skill costs a mere 35 Mana, you will be able to cast it often, hence guaranteeing counters for the rest of the battle.

Silent Blade

Since he is a reward for purchasing the Battle Pass, you might not be inclined to get him. If you do recruit him, though, he can be extremely powerful in a Nature lineup. His passive skill lets him attack an enemy every time a teammate uses a damaging special skill. The passive is also triggered if a Nature teammate uses any special skill. His Stealth skill increases his ATK by 75% and makes him untargetable for 5 turns. Making Commander will allow him to attack an extra target during Backstab and increase the duration of his Stealth by 1 turn.

Best Fire Heroes

Dan Go

dan go battle breakers

We have mentioned him earlier as a good teammate for Sie Lung, but he’s really great for any hero that has multi hits. He may not seem all that impressive as a 5-star hero, but once his per-turn damages stack, you will be surprised how easily he can take down even the toughest bosses.

Fuma Kotaro

Possibly one of the best options for Commander on a double strike team. Hook him up with Sun Wukong and other double strikers for a fun punching party. His Commander skill Ninja clan gives a great 25% boost to ATK and Max HP to all Assassins, Blademasters, Martial Artists, and Ninjas on his team. Most double strikers fall under those classes anyway, so you shouldn’t have problems filling up that lineup.

Incarnation of Shiela

This lady can deal massive damage to bosses with her Meteor Shower. On top of that, the skill ignores Reflect, Counter, and Intercept, ensuring that she hits her target without any problems. Her passive gives her better survivability despite being a mage provided there are enough Fire terrain to fuel her heal. Her Commander skill makes her an even more potent killer, but you would be missing out on skills that help the entire team.

Golem Master Dao

Summoners aren’t too popular right now, but if you were to go that route, then Dao is your man. His high mana pool allows him to cast Summon Golem multiple times in battle. Golems spawn near the target and will attack on their own. When they die, they explode, dealing even more damage in the process. Making Dao your Commander will give his Golems the power to summon additional Grunts and Lesser Demons, hence filling the battlefield with your minions.


Pet combos are also not as popular at the moment, but if you wanted to make the most out of your pets, you will need Ember on your team. Her Commander skill and special skill both add pet charges, allowing you to summon pets a lot faster. Her passive also makes her more powerful for every Fire hero on the team, so she can deal decent damage even without the pets.

Best Pet Characters

Fierce Cloudpuff

fierce cloudpuff battle breakers

Don’t let the cute name fool you. This little furball is the saving grace of pets in this game. He greatly reduces the enemy’s DEF for 3 turns and deals massive damage on his own. He even jumps in to take the hit for one of your heroes when his Reflex DEF is triggered. If you ever decide to invest resources into getting a pet, get this guy.

Cuddle Cloudpuff

While not as menacing as the Fierce variety, this one has great healing powers. When in a pinch, or if you don’t have a healer on your team, you can summon him, and he will distribute 600% ATK as healing among your most wounded heroes. He will also jump in and take the hit in place of your heroes when his Reflex DEF is triggered.

Olympian Cloudpuff

Stuns are always welcome to have in your arsenal and this guy stuns all enemies for 2 turns with his Freeze Bomb skill. The only problem is his damage. His special skill only deals a measly 10% of his ATK to all enemies.


Even though he is not as useful as the Cloudpuffs, he can be great when used at the right time. Wait until you have one enemy with a strong ability before unleashing this little beast.

When it comes to assembling the perfect team, knowing your heroes’ strengths and weaknesses is the key. Make sure you remember everything you learned from our Battle Breakers tier list when you build your team! Do you agree with our picks or you favour other characters? Let us know your thoughts in the comment area below!


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