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Battle Breakers Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Battle Breakers is a unique hero collector RPG game created by Epic Games for Android, iOS, and PC. The game boasts of hundreds of heroes that players can recruit in order to assemble the perfect team. As the main protagonist of the story, you find yourself in the middle of a kingdom in ruins. Monsters have appeared across the land, and nearly everyone you know have been trapped inside crystals. You must work together with other survivors in order to rescue those who are trapped before they get corrupted.

There are over 1000 dungeons available for you to explore, each one filled with both treasure and peril. It won’t be enough that you have a roster of good heroes. You will need to ensure they are always in top condition by leveling them up, enhancing their gear, improving their skills, and even evolving them. There is a long list of things to do before you can save the kingdom. Check out our Battle Breakers beginner’s guide to learn everything you need to know to crush your enemies!

1. Start With Tessa

When you start the game, you will be thrown into the middle of battle with a bunch of heroes you don’t really know just yet. After that battle, only three will remain and you will have to choose which one of them you want as your starter. There’s Laric the Tank, Mei the AOE Spellcaster, and Tessa the Boss Killer.

battle breakers tessa

You are free to choose who you like since you will be able to balance the team later on when you start recruiting more heroes, but if you want our recommendation, go with Tessa. If she can kill a Boss, she can pretty much kill any other opponent you throw at her. Mei’s AOE won’t really be necessary in the early stages of the game. You also don’t need a Tank to start with since enemies aren’t supposed to hurt too much in the first region. Tessa’s damage will help ensure your team will have a good offense regardless of who you recruit later on.

2. Build A Balanced Team

Now that you are assembling a team, it is important to start talking about roles and elements. There are five slots on your regular team, with the option to invite a second commander from one of your friends. You also have a 7th slot for a pet, but we will discuss that later. For your five slots, it is best if you fill them with a combination of Supports, Tanks, and DPS. You won’t be able to choose early in the game since you don’t have a lot of heroes to choose from, but whenever you have a new recruit, consider whether or not he will have a proper role in your team.

how to build a balanced team in battle breakers

Other than roles, you should also consider the elements of your heroes. As it happens, there are also five elements in the game: Dark, Light, Nature, Fire, and Water. Nature is strong against Water. Water is strong against Fire. Fire is strong against Nature. Light and Dark are strong against each other. Keeping this in mind, your regular team should be composed of these five elements.

This is to ensure you will be able to handle most situations. An exceptional scenario, of course, is if you already know that your opponent will have a single element, and you build a team to counter that element.

3. How To Recruit More Heroes

In Battle Breakers recruiting heroes can be a bit tricky compared to what you are used to since they don’t employ the gacha system here. Instead of spending a certain number of gems to get a random hero, you need to go through different methods of recruitment. When you head over to the Chests section, you will see a Basic Chest, Elemental Heroes Chest, and a Heroic Chest, none of which contain actual heroes you can recruit. Instead, they contain an assortment of things, including Magic Tickets and Core Hero Traces. These chests can be purchased using gems, the game’s premium currency.

Magic Tickets can be spent in the Hero Store to purchase specific heroes. The higher the rating of the hero, the more tickets you will need to unlock them. Core Hero Traces, on the other hand, can be used to unlock Skybreaker quests that will lead you to trapped heroes that you can rescue. These two are the most consistent ways to recruit heroes. Heroes may also be given as rewards in quests, special events, and daily login.

4. Level Up Your Heroes

Unlike most other games in the same genre, where heroes automatically level up, you are instead given hero XP whenever you finish a battle. You can then allocate this XP by heading over to the Heroes section. Just highlight the hero you want to level up, then tap on the golden Upgrade button on the right side of the screen. You have the option to level up once or use all the necessary hero XP to raise the hero to max level.

how to level up heroes fast in battle breakers

Keep in mind that your heroes can only be leveled up to a certain cap. This cap is determined by the level of your Headquarters. Every time you level up your Headquarters, the maximum level of your heroes increases by 5. Make sure your main team’s level is always maxed out. You may also want to keep at least one extra hero at max level for those stages where you are required to bring your own second commander.

5. Raise Your Player Level

While we are on the subject of leveling up, another thing you should raise is your player level. You can see your current player level on the upper left corner of the screen. You automatically gain player experience when you complete battles. You also earn player experience from completing quests, participating in events, and accomplishing other tasks.

There are several benefits of raising your player level. The first is related to your buildings, including your Headquarters. You need to meet certain level requirements before you can raise the level of your buildings. That means your player level somehow affects the maximum level of your heroes through the Headquarters.

The second benefit of raising your player level are the Perks that are unlocked after each level up. Perks are minor boosts to your hero stats. You will usually be asked to choose between two stats after each level up. The higher your level, the more Perks you unlock.

6. Manage Your Perks

As we mentioned above, every time you level up, you get to choose a Perk that will boost an attribute. Perks are also unlocked as rewards in events, quests, and the Monster Pit. There are 8 Perks available in the game. Check out the list below to learn more about each of them.

how to manage perks in battle breakers

HP – Raises the maximum health of your heroes.
DEF – Raises the defense of your heroes.
Pet – Raises the health and strength of your pets.
ATK – Raises the damage output of your heroes
Basic ATK – Raises the damage of normal attacks.
Special ATK – Raises the damage of offensive skills.
Regen – Raises the regeneration rate of both health and mana. Regeneration occurs when the board element matches the hero’s element.
Mana – Increases the maximum mana of your heroes. This is only available by raising the level of your Monster Pit.

Since all Perks give you some benefit, there is really no incorrect choice here. The build of your Perks will depend on your play style and team composition. If you want to focus on offense, you naturally want to focus on Perks that increase your damage.

If you prefer the turtle style, you can choose defensive Perks. If you feel like you made a mistake in allocating your perks, just tap on your level on the top left of the screen. You will see Respec button. Tap on it and you will be taken to a screen with sliders on it. Adjust the sliders to the desired numbers then hit Accept. Keep in mind that this will cost you gems. Your first Respec in each month will cost 100 gems. Subsequent Respecs after the first within the same month will cost you 250 gems, so think before you confirm.

7. Choose The Right Commander

Every hero you recruit will have a Commander skill. Head over to their profile and tap on the Skills button to view their skills. Some units have Commander skills that affect the whole team. Others affect units of the same element or improve their own skills. Make sure you read each Commander Skill’s description carefully and choose the right one. The Commander doesn’t always have to be the strongest member of your team.

8. Strengthen Your Heroes Further

Aside from leveling up your heroes, there are a few other ways to power them up. These are all found in the Upgrade section of your chosen hero. We have listed them all down below to give you a gist of how each one can help you strengthen your heroes further.

how to strengthen heroes in battle breakers

Elixir – These are consumable items that you can give to your heroes to increase their stats. There are elixirs for ATK, HP, and Mana. Each hero can only drink a certain number of elixirs. The higher their rank, the more elixirs they can handle.

Gear – While there are no equipment drops in the game, you can still power up your hero’s weapon and armor using ores you acquire from the Mine. The maximum upgrade of your gear is determined by the level of your Crystal Forge.

Evolve – Evolution greatly increases the stats of your hero and is unlocked at player level 35. Your chosen hero must meet the level requirement before you can evolve. Evolution also requires Gold, Power Source, and Elemental Essences.

Promotion – This raises the rank of your hero. It is unlocked at player level 50. Aside from allowing your heroes to consume more elixirs, Promotion also increases their maximum level and boosts their Special Skill.

Skill – Your hero’s Special Skill can be upgraded in order to increase its effects. Upgrading skills require Skill experience which can be earned by playing through the stages.

9. Don’t Break All The Crystals

A part of the game’s battle system is breaking crystals on the battlefield to reveal hidden enemies. Once you have uncovered an enemy, it is best if you focus on battle instead of breaking additional crystals.

The game has a Risk Taker bonus that gives you health and mana recovery if you break crystals in the presence of an enemy, but you could end up in even more trouble if you accidentally double the number of enemies on the map.

10. How To Summon Pets

Pets take up the 7th slot on your team, right after the Second Commander. A lot of new players get confused about how they can use their pets. When you enter the battlefield, you will notice that the pet slot is empty. You also do not get to assign a pet while building a team in the Heroes section. That’s because you can choose your pet depending on the situation.

how to summon pets in battle breakers

Check that pet slot again and you will see that it actually fills up as the battle progresses. Each pet in your roster has charge level requirement. The pet slot filling up is actually an indicator of when you will be able to summon the pet. Once you have enough charge level bars, you can tap on the slot to select the pet that you want to summon in battle. Keep in mind that the pet will have to recharge once again after a single attack, so choose wisely.

Pets that have been cast into the Monster Pit will not appear on your summon list. If you are not seeing a certain pet on the list of possible summon, check and make sure he is in your Hero Inventory. You can buy him back from the Monster Pit if you accidentally sent him there.

As a final note on pets, you should know that they cannot be leveled up. They follow the average level of the heroes on your team. This is a good thing because that means you won’t have to spend additional resources to level up your pets. When you tap on the Upgrade button of a pet, you will notice that the only thing you can do is add Molten Foil. Molten Foil only increases a pet’s value for casting him into the Monster Pit. This does not help him in any way when in comes to battle.

11. Reserve Auto-Battle For Farming

Battle Breakers has two types of auto-play mode. The first one is Auto-Pop which automatically breaks crystals on the field until an enemy is revealed. The second is auto-battle which runs through the entire stage using AI. That means the game will break crystals, battle enemies, pick up items, and so on without any input from you. Even though the game’s AI is decent enough to take advantage of elemental matches, it is still not a good idea to rely heavily on auto-battle.

There are still decisions that should be made in close fights that the AI will most likely overlook. On top of that, the game has a Reflex system that allows you to defend, counter, and interrupt by tapping on buttons that pop up on the screen. These buttons do not appear during auto-battle. It is best if you use auto-battle only in stages where your level is much higher than the opponents.

12. Collect And Spend Your Stars

Every time you complete a stage for the first time, you are rewarded with a star. Defeating the same stages on higher difficulty will also earn you additional stars. You can spend these stars to craft various items in the Ancient Factory. The higher the level of your Ancient Factory, the more items you will be able to craft. If you don’t feel like crafting anything, you can also just convert all your current stars to gold. Don’t worry because stars are replenished every 12 hours, so make sure you spend them all before each reset.

how to collect and spend stars in battle breakers

Aside from being able to spend in the Ancient Factory, stars also allow you to unlock new locations. Each new region has a star requirement. You will only be able to access the stages there if you collect the required number of stars. Unlocking a region does not consume any stars.

13. Complete The Daily Quests

battle breakers daily quests

Before you go blazing through the different stages on the map, make sure you stop by the Daily Quests page to see what your tasks are for the day. Tap on the Quests tab to view your Daily Quests. These usually involve defeating stages of certain elements, that is why you should always check first.

This way, you can prioritize farming stages that will help you complete your quests. Quest rewards include gems and hammers. Hammers are used for breaking open Hammer Chests that contain various resources like Power Sources, elixirs, and Elemental Essences.

14. Claim Land For Gems

Claiming land is one of the best ways to earn gems in the game without spending real money. You get 100 gems every time you claim land. To do this, you need to clear all the stages in a region on a certain difficulty.

For example, if you clear all the stages in the Forest of Mixed Emotions, you will be able to Claim it. You can then clear all stages again, this time around on the 2-star difficulty, in order to Claim again. A Claim button will appear on the region once you have cleared the necessary stages.

15. Choose Active Friends

Battle Breakers comes with a social system that allows you to add other players as friends. The primary purpose of friends in the game is to add them as Second Commanders before entering battle. Aside from this, however, you can exchange gifts with them once per day.

battle breakers friends

Unlike in other games where you just send generic gifts to everyone, this game actually allows you to give out better gifts based on how active you were the day before. You are scored based on the different tasks you accomplished the previous day. Naturally, you would want your friends to be as active as possible in order to receive the best gifts.

16. Get Your Daily Rewards

The game gives out daily login rewards to active players. All you have to do is log in for the day in order to receive your reward. These freebies usually include gems, chests, and even heroes. The best rewards usually come in every 5 days, so make sure you log into the game diligently. If you want to find out what the prizes will be over the next few days, you can tap on your level and choose Daily Rewards.

how to get daily rewards in battle breakers

You are now ready to save the kingdom and rescue all the trapped heroes in Battle Breakers! Just stick to our beginner’s guide above and you will surely succeed in your journey! Now, if you happen to know other tips or tricks that we should include in this guide, feel free to drop us a line!