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Hero Wars (Nexters) Titans Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Titans

Nexters’ Hero Wars is definitely one of our favorite adventure RPGs in recent years, as the makers of Island Experiment and other mobile games delivered a title that’s easy to learn, yet deep enough to engage even the most picky, hardcore mobile RPG player. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and comes with a wide variety of single-player and PvP modes, including the good old-fashioned Campaign mode, two different Arena modes and a gauntlet-like Tower that could earn you tons of rewards.

The game also features Guilds, where you can collect certain rewards by going through the Dungeon, and strategize with other human players as you field teams of Heroes and Titans on offense and defense in the weekdays-only Guild Wars. But what are Titans anyway? That’s something you may have been wondering if you haven’t joined a Guild yet, or have just been introduced to them after joining or forming your first Guild in the game.

While we already did cover the Guild mode in depth in a previous guide, this Hero Wars strategy guide zeros in on the Titans, who are the 12 “Guardians” of Dominion that can only be accessed if you are a member of a Guild. While they may not be the most exciting out there on the battlefield, they play an important role in the game at large, and as you’ll find out later on, upgrading them could be very beneficial to your Heroes as you level them up and make them stronger. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Titans of Hero Wars as we show you how to build the best possible teams and get the most out of them in the modes where you can use them.

An Overview Of Titans – What Are They And Why Are They Important?

As we’ve mentioned in just about every Hero Wars guide we’ve published so far, the game includes dozens of Heroes – close to 50, in fact – that you can use in various modes. However, that total does not include the 12 Titans that we will be discussing in this particular guide. They are much larger than your Heroes and much slower too, as the slowed-down version of the game’s battle theme obviously implies.

hero wars titans battle

However, they are also supposed to be far more powerful, given their connection to the elements – don’t misconstrue that, though, as a hint that you can use them to fight the regular Heroes of Dominion. Titans can only fight other Titans, and they can only do so in the Guild-specific modes, which we shall be discussing in a moment.

Indeed, that’s the main gatekeeper for being able to collect Titans and their corresponding Soul Stones – joining a Guild. You will then need Summoning Spheres in order to actually summon Titans and gather Soul Stones, though the game will also give you the option to spend Emeralds to summon Titans en masse – this is usually not recommended, though, as it will cost you a whopping 700 Emeralds for the equivalent of five Summons.

Also worth mentioning here in the overview is the fact that there are 12 Titans, four of each per Element. Each Element has a corresponding Support, Marksman, Defender, and Super-Titan, and while it’s easy enough to get Soul Stones of the first three, it’s the Super-Titans that are the rarest and strongest of them all, as the name alone suggests. Much like the game’s regular Heroes, all the available Titans can be leveled up with Titan Potion, which you can mainly acquire by crawling the Dungeon, and if you have enough Soul Stones and enough coins to pay for the process, you can evolve them to the next star rating and make them much more powerful. Keep in mind as well that leveling up a Titan will allow you to earn Sparks of Power, which you can then use to imbue your Heroes with the Gift of the Elements and improve their rating.

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To sum things up, Titans may only be Guild-specific, but since Guild membership is necessary for collecting Soul Stones of certain Heroes, it’s imperative that you join one and start collecting Titans. They are also important in a variety of other ways, so don’t take them for granted just because they can only be used in a couple of modes!

Know Your Titans And Know Their Roles

By tapping on the Titans tab under Guild, you can view a lot of useful information on all the 12 available Titans. You can view the number of Soul Stones you’ve currently collected out of the requirement for the next star level, and of course, you can view each Titan’s level, as well as their Attack and Health stats.

hero wars hyperion

Unlike the regular Heroes, Titans only have two relevant stats that are visible, so that, at least, keeps things simple. You’ll also be able to upgrade them with Titan Potion or Emeralds with the buttons on the bottom part of each Titan screen – for Titan Potion, you can get this resource mainly by crawling Dungeon levels, completing certain daily quests, taking part in special events, and exchanging Bronze Guild War Trophies in the Guild War store. That’s the resource you’ll want to use in most cases, because once again, Emeralds can be hard to come by in bulk if you’re not paying to win.

On the left side, you can view how many Sparks of Power you currently have (this is a general number for all Titans, not individual), but since we already mentioned that above, what you’ll want to pay attention to here are the Titan Skills. Either way, Nexters also simplifies things here, limiting regular Titans to one skill and giving Super-Titans two – that’s fewer skills to memorize than the four you get per Hero! But you should definitely find some time to review each skill and consider what it does. Also remember the roles played by each of the Titans – we’ll be listing them below for easier reference.

Defenders: Angus (Earth), Sigurd (Water), Moloch (Fire)

Marksmen: Sylva (Earth), Nova (Water), Vulcan (Fire)

Support: Avalon (Earth), Mairi (Water), Ignis (Fire)

Super-Titans: Eden (Earth), Hyperion (Water), Araji (Fire)

Talking about each individual role, Defenders are the Titan equivalent of Tanks, as they are generally distinguished by their high Health and less than impressive Attack stats, despite their varying specializations. Angus, for example, is a DPS (damage per second) attacker, Sigurd becomes immune to damage for 5 seconds, and Moloch does damage while stunning the enemy. Marksmen, meanwhile, are projectile launchers that fight at the back and tend to be on the squishier side – we won’t go into detail here, as they work very similarly to each other.

Support, like Defenders, also covers a wide variety of specializations, and just like your Support Heroes, they can be very underrated – even those who mainly deal out buffs or de-buffs. Mairi decreases enemy Attack by 40 percent for 8 seconds, Ignis gives all allies a 50 percent Attack boost for 6 seconds, while Avalon creates a shield that temporarily protects allies from damage.

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Lastly, Super-Titans are unique for the fact they have two skills. Hyperion does damage mainly to the back lines with his Frost Needles skill, while using his second skill to heal allies with the lowest health. Araji’s first skill does damage to the nearest enemy, while his second speeds up allies for a few seconds. Lastly, Eden’s first skill (Burden of Creation) is a ranged attack that has her throwing a large rock at the enemy team, and her second skill pulls random enemies underground and stuns them when they come back up.

Basic Tips For Forming The Best Titan Team – Who Should You Choose?

Now this is going to be a tough question, since many of the Titan-specific levels in the Dungeon will require you to stick to only one Element, typically the one that is weak against the Element being represented by the enemy. (For an idea of what to expect, Water beats Fire, Earth beats Water, Fire beats Earth – that means you may be asked to defeat a team of Earth Titans with your Fire Titans.)

hero wars titans team

However, you will also encounter Dungeon levels where you will be facing Titans of all Elements on one team – that’s where strategy will come into play and where it will be important to choose a team of Titans that has the least possible elemental weaknesses against the enemy team. And we haven’t even mentioned Guild Wars, where, if you are designated as one of the Champions of your Guild, you’ll be facing other human players’ Titan teams, both on offense and on defense.

Citing an example, let us say that you are facing an enemy unit that includes two Earth, two Fire, and one Water Titan. The basic idea here is to choose two Water Titans to beat the Fire Titans and two Fire Titans to beat the Earth Titans, and lastly, one Earth Titan to beat the enemy’s Water Titan. But once you’ve figured that out, you’ll need to make sure your team is balanced enough, with most (if not all) of the Titan types represented. Make sure to distribute things as evenly as possible and have at least one, but no more than two Support, Defender, and Marksman Titans.

If you’re new to the Guild feature, you may not have to worry about Super-Titans just yet, but if you have at least one, then make sure to use them! The “no more than two” rule, however, would still apply in most Dungeon or Guild War battles – you want a Fire Super-Titan (Araji) up against a team that has an Earth Super-Titan (Eden) in it!

As we mentioned in the overview, Super-Titans are the strongest of their kind, but also the hardest to summon. That means you may have to content yourself for a while with having one Support, Defender, and Marksman Titan for each Element. We’ll tell you more in a bit about the many ways for you to acquire Titan Soul Stones, and we’ll definitely have these formidable creatures covered in there.

As for leveling up and promoting your Titans, which ones should you prioritize? Prioritizing your Super-Titans, of course, would be a no-brainer. You’ll then want to work on your Marksmen, considering that these are your main damage-dealers. Support and Guardian Titans can be alternated in order of priority, though when talking about the former, we’d go with Avalon, Mairi, and Ignis in that particular order – it’s the old adage of the best offense being a good defense at work when it comes to Support.

We would still suggest, however, to keep each Titan as close to each other in terms of level/star rating. Unlike Heroes, where we often recommend having a maximum of 15 to 20 to focus on so that you can perform well in all modes, you have only a dozen Titans, and since we did mention the importance of exploiting elemental weaknesses, you wouldn’t want to be particularly weak in one role or element.

How To Acquire Titan Soul Stones

When it comes to the close to 50 Heroes available in Hero Wars, you all know by now the primary ways to collect as many of them as possible – open Heroic Chests, fight in the Arena, Grand Arena, Outland, and/or Highwayman modes, complete Heroic Missions, join a Guild and earn Guild Trophies, take part in the special events. All of these methods except the last one can be used when you’re trying to collect Titan Soul Stones, but we’ll get to the events later. Let’s start out first with the most common way to earn these resources – Summoning Spheres.

The most common way to earn Summoning Spheres in Hero Wars is to collect 75 Titanite in the Guild Dungeon – this is one of your daily quests, so if you could earn that much Titanite per day by crawling through multiple Dungeon levels, you could pick up seven Summoning Spheres if you play the game every day. Your entire Guild’s Titanite totals per day could also allow you to earn Summoning Spheres – if your Guild totals 750 Titanite across all members, that’s one Summoning Sphere each for everybody in it.

how to acquire soul stones in hero wars

Additionally, clearing a milestone Dungeon level will also get you one Summoning Sphere – this is awarded usually in level multiples of 100, though anyone who’s crawled the Dungeon should know that you can set checkpoints at certain levels so that you don’t need to start from level 1 the very next day. Take note, however, that for the latter, the Summoning Sphere is a first-completion reward only, so you can’t set your checkpoint at level 190 and expect to get one Sphere per day by completing 10 levels to get to level 200! Also, Titan levels in the Dungeon could earn you one Soul Stone per victory, so make sure to complete these as well.

Special events, as we mentioned, could also net you a ton of Summoning Spheres during Titan-specific events. Typically, all events – may they be focused on Hero Soul Stones, Runes, Titans, or whatnot – last three days, with a day or two break in between when there isn’t any event at all. But if you focus on the tasks required in these events – you may or may not opt to spend real money for Emeralds, which are always a key part of Hero Wars events – you could easily earn a fair amount of Summoning Spheres or Titan Soul Stones.

For those who want to play without paying, we recommend checking back in five-hour intervals to claim your 60 free Energy – just let it add up and do not use it until the event starts, so that once it kicks off, you’ve got well over your maximum Energy and more than enough of this resource to spend in order to be rewarded for the Energy-specific tasks.

Titan events (or sometimes, non-Titan events, per se) may also reward you with Titan Chests, and this is where you will likely have your best chance to earn Super-Titan Soul Stones. The simpler tasks in these events may reward you with Support, Defender, or Marksman Chests, but if you’ve got Emeralds (either purchased or saved up from your daily login bonuses or Arena bonuses) to spend, you should have a good shot at collecting a ton of Super-Titan Chests.

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This one seems to be rare, but recently, there was one Titan-specific event that rewarded players with barrel-like items that, once opened, could contain a variety of rewards, including new blue or purple barrels that can, in turn, be opened in order to acquire the aforementioned rewards. The purple barrels always contained at least 30 Hyperion Soul Stones, and since we worked toward completing several tasks before the three days expired, we were finally able to unlock Hyperion and add him to our Titans roster.

If you missed out on this event, don’t fret – Nexters always throws in a Titan event at least once every two to three weeks, and who knows, they just might have one that allows you to acquire Eden or Araji Soul Stones. Or better yet, Chests of Super-Titans!

Manage Your Titans Wisely When Crawling The Dungeon

While Titans are easier to level up and promote than Heroes because there are so few of them, the opposite applies in the Guild Dungeon, where having well over 30 Heroes could easily allow you to survive hundreds of levels and win every battle between teams of Heroes. As for Titans, the fact that you’ve got only a dozen at most could make it harder for you to manage things, but there are some pointers we can give you in order to maximize each of them and survive as long as possible in the Dungeons so you can get more Titan Potion, Titanite, and eventually, Summoning Spheres.

hero wars guild dungeon

The first thing to remember is to save your weaker Titans for the element vs. element battles, especially the ones where you’ve got a huge power advantage over the enemy. In most cases, we don’t recommend using Super-Titans or higher-level/star Titans in these battles, because you’ll want to save them for those encounters where you’re facing teams that have all Elements represented and a full team of five Titans to deal with.

The last thing you want is for your Hyperion, Eden, and/or Araji to be dead or near-dead before everyone else in your list of summoned Titans; the same also applies to your Marksmen! We would recommend fielding a maximum of three Titans in element vs. element Dungeon levels, with no Super-Titans; two is fine in the early goings, depending on how far you’ve leveled them up, but we’d go with three once you’re past level 150 or thereabouts.

When available, and more importantly whenever you’ve got a substantial edge in total power, we recommend using the Auto-Battle feature when available. More even battles – and that includes those you’re technically replaying on account of the checkpoint system (that is, the first 10 levels per day) – may require you to fight manually in order to fine-tune the timing of skill activation.

Also, don’t use those skills willy-nilly – use what you learned by reviewing the Titan information, understand how each skill works, and use them when you really need them! In most cases, you may need them more for the next battle.


Monday 5th of September 2022

Hi, my defender tittans (Angus etc.) are never fully healed the day after. How can I avoid this? Thanks

Scott Blackledge

Monday 6th of September 2021

Let's pretend that one of my titans is down to 1/5 (or less) of life remaining. He is at LVL 26 and next will be fighting on floor 38 in the dungeon. What should happen to get him back to full life, preferably before he needs to fight again?

Vinc Z.

Friday 21st of October 2022

@Master Chipz, I do it differently, I use sigurd and moloch in the mixed battles with nova so I can shield behind sigurd first and with the stun of the other 2 I prevent damage from the skills of the enemy (super) titans, sometimes you will use them after the shield drops but often you use them to counter the supers skills. Add hyperion to that lineup to heal and have the third titan you need to use the water totem then you got 1 spot left for a titan in need of healing. As back line titans get hit too from time to time by that big boulder eden throws or the ice knives hyperion uses, that can do a lot of damage to them so having a way to prevent super titans from using these attack skills in a mixed battle used for healing is also very important. How to incorporate mort and iyari well, get their skill up in mixed battles you do not need to use for healing so you can use it at once when a healing battle starts so you can immidiatly heal a titan that is really low on health so the first couple of hits will not kill it, than hyperion and the water totem kick in to do the rest of the healing. also be not shy about using the withdraw function, as the game uses a RNG in the battles withdrawing (at the last second so you can see the result or when eden draws the wrong titan under) and trying again can get you a better result especially if you use moloch and nova to stun as you can work out the order and timing of when to use the skills to prevent damage.

Deadly Wombles

Friday 3rd of June 2022

@Master Chipz, That's really helpful - I've been playing for about 2 months now, and cleared level 1400 in dungeon... Most of what you said above, I already do - but there's a few tips in there, like leaving out Sigurd for the small battles, that I've only begun to notice are helpful... and as for matching & countering the elements... I never even thought of that - like how dumb must one be? Haha...

Master Chipz

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

@Scott Blackledge, The exception to this is that Water Titan Hyperion can heal you, as well as your Water Totem. If you focus on Water, it will be the first Totem you get... keep the element you want for your first Totem, higher than the rest. The first Totem will be of your highest elemental powers.

Note: All the the advice below is if your first Totem is Water. If it's any other element. This won't help you till you get a Water Totam, and that could be a long, long time. (Sorry).

Having Water Totems is great when many, without knowing, level up their Fire Totems... (they're strong fighters) But, water is death to them. Plus, water can heal all elements. When used right, your team can stay alive in the Dungeon for a long, long time. And will be good against Fire, most peoples choice, in Guild Wars. (Note: these rules change once you get really high level). In the dungeon, my hands get tired of clicking before my Titans get close to dying. (click clikc click) ;-) I've done over 100 levels in one day. (It gets tiresome and boring).

For the Dungeon: When your Water Titans get powerful enough, you will only use 4 Water in the Mixed group fights, to heal your Water Tank. Those four, will 'most of the time'be able to heal one other elemental Tank to get more life in the mixed team fights. Keep your Water Tank maxed healed. It's critical to heal the other Tanks. You can only heal your other elements during the Mixed (5 team) Dungeon battles. Use them wisely.

Other tricks using mixed teams with Water to heal, is, use Three water Titans (minimum). They're needed to fire off the Totem to heal. Then to heal the other tanks, Pick the one Tank elemental you want to heal, based on which Titans are in the mixed teams (in first and 2nd position, keepign in mind, some of the Titans will hit the front from their back line). So, so far, you have three water, and the tank to heal. Add then, one Super Titan which will help against 3 of the enemy elementals. So, the 5th Titan is a Super Titan (Plus Hyperion he is water and heals) and pick the one that is anti-the major elemental in the opposing team. Ex: If your Tank is Earth, in the mixed fight use that tank, 3 Water, and one Fire Super Titan (Araji) to fight Earth. To heal, Fire Tank, use 4 water most of the time unless they are your arch enemy Earth, depending on what elemental is where, one to counter them. So, if Fighting 3 or 4 Fire, use 4 water, and heal the Fire Tank. Remember, aways use Hyperion as one of your three water he's the main healer.

So, depending on which element there is more of, choose either another Water, Earth or Fire and use only 3 Water, if the mix is more (Fire, or Water) Ex: To heal 1 Tank, use it in the prime position, going against that elements weaker enemy element to yours in the first or 2nd position. In other words, your Water vs Fire, your Fire vs Earth, Your Earth vs Water) 3 Water (Usualy Nova, Mairi, Hyperion) and then one of whatever there are three of in the enemy team, the same, if Earth use Fire (Araji), if Fire, use Water (Sigurd) or if Water use (Angus).

Note this can work in Guild Battles too.. but, at minimum use 3 of your Titans.. but, four can heal you faster, but may have draw backs especially against Earth... your nemesis. You will discover that the Fire tanks heals the fastest. You won't need a Water Tank in the smaller battles) Just use Nova, Mairi, and Hyperion, when you get too strong for your Totem to fire in time to heal.

So, when stronger, Heal your Water tank in the 5 mixed with it and the other Water Titans and nothing else to heal your Water Tank. You will not (most of the time) be able to heal your Water Tank, with 4 against 4. The totem doesn't fire in time to help you. But, using 3 water, will keep all three healed. Save the water tank for the 5 team mix with Water Tank maxed, and heal one other elemental with 4 Water.

Max your Water Totem as fast as you can. It is your highest priority. If you do this... it will serve you for a long time, and you will grow bored with your long lived titans in the Dungeon and can keep them healed.

Later, when your teams get stronger... you have to get trickier to get your other Tanks healed. Only then will you have to mix your team, keeping 3 water, the tank to heal, and one other worthy Super Titan for attacking the anti-team. But, by then you will know what to do. ;-)

I wish I could help other elemental teams.. but, I only know Water.. My teams are just reaching the point where the advice I'm giving you won't work anymore. This is around level 105. Then special care needs to be taken based on each Titan's special abilities, in order to select a strong team AND, heal your tank too. In Guild Wars... well... The right team can beat any other team. ;-) Same in Heroes, same in Titans. But, by the time you get there... I should have more information to share. ;-)

Good luck and enjoy.

David U.

Monday 27th of September 2021

@Scott Blackledge,

In Dominion there is no healing for titans. You start the new Dominion day with all titans at full health. As you dungeon crawl, that health is reduced until the titan "dies". They only remain dead for the remainder of that day and are resurrected the next game day with full health.


Sunday 13th of December 2020

The max titan level is your team level minus 20 I believe


Sunday 29th of November 2020

Hello, I just want to know how we level up Titans beyond the 100 threshold. I got my Sigurd to level 100 and a message says "Level up your team to upgrade the Titan even further". Does that mean I have to level ALL my Titans to level 100 first then I can go beyond it? Please help!! I play Mobile version. Thank you for your kind attention and response!!


Thursday 5th of November 2020

what is the break down on the titanite you mine after 7500 how much until next level and so on