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Hero Wars (Nexters) Guild Overview: Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Guild

Nexters’ Hero Wars is a game that, despite being over a year old, has taken quite a lot of our time as of late, and we can’t blame you if this game is also preoccupying you quite a bit. This iOS and Android title, which comes from the same company behind Island Experiment and Throne Rush, gives you a chance to collect close to 50 different Heroes — including the game’s signature heroes and “power couple” Galahad and Aurora — and defeat AI or human opponents across a variety of game modes. We’ve covered just about all of them in our previous strategy guides for this game, but when it came to the Guild-related features, we thought they deserved a separate guide of their own.

Compared to other RPGs, this title’s guild features don’t typically involve much social interaction, and a lot of the contributions you make can come in the form of the normal actions you perform while playing the game. But the guild features are quite rich and intricate, and that’s why our newest Hero Wars strategy guide is specifically written for guild members looking to make the most out of these features. Read on and find out all you need to know about the game’s Titans, the Guild-specific Dungeon mode, as well as the items you can purchase in the Guild War Shop, among other topics!

Guild Menu Overview

As we’ve said in our previous Hero Wars strategy guides, the first thing to remember before joining a Guild is to make sure you’re joining an active one. It isn’t enough that you join a Guild that you qualify for based on your overall Hero Power or level — it’s best that you join the ones whose members actually play the game often, as that will help you when it comes to the Guild Wars, where Guild-specific currency is up for grabs. And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the different areas of the Guild menu, moving counter-clockwise from the Titans menu on the bottom right.

hero wars dungeon mode

We’re going to tackle Titans in much greater depth in a later tip, but choosing this option allows you to view the Titans you’ve summoned, as well as those whom you’ve yet to unlock by collecting enough Soul Stones. Tap on each individual unlocked Titan in order to view their stats and skills, evolve to the next star level, or upgrade through Titan Potion or Emeralds. To the left of Titans is the Circle of Summoning, where you can use Summoning Spheres to collect Soul Stones for each Titan. As is the case with the chests for Heroes, the game tends to skew things in favor of the Titans you already have, as opposed to the ones you’ve yet to unlock!

The Dungeon allows you to take part in two types of battles — traditional 5 vs. 5 Hero battles, which, as you’ll see, are very easy to win compared to most other modes featuring such battles, and Titan battles, which allow you to use the Titans you’ve summoned in the Circle of Summoning. Next to this is the Heart of Power, where you can imbue the Gift of the Elements on each of your Heroes to improve their overall stats/power. You’ll need enough Sparks of Power for this — this is a special form of currency, so to say, that you earn after each time you level up your Titans.

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Last, but not least, is Competitions, which allows you to set up your Hero and Titan defense lineups for the next Guild War. Like the other options in the Guild menu, we shall be discussing Guild Wars — and the prizes within — in a separate tip below.

How To Get More Summoning Spheres / Summon More Titans

When it comes to Heroes, you can collect Soul Stones for each of them through a variety of means, such as opening chests for free (once a day) or with Emeralds, completing event-specific quests, or playing different game modes and winning mode-specific currency such as Outland Coins or Arena Coins. As for your Titans, the primary means of earning Summoning Spheres to get more Soul Stones is to reach a certain level in the Dungeon — for example, going all the way to level 60 gets you one guaranteed Summoning Sphere. You can also do this by collecting enough Titanite, either by winning more Dungeon battles, or as part of the daily awards for Guild members.

In addition, there are specific daily and standard quests that could allow you to earn a Summoning Sphere or two, as well as special events where you could win them. One recent event awarded players with Titan Chests, which essentially work similarly to Summoning Spheres, but allow you to unlock Titans faster. You can choose the Titan you wish to acquire Soul Stones for before you open the chest, which comes with a guaranteed five Soul Stones for the Titan of your choice! (Summoning Spheres could often get you as few as one or two Soul Stones, though there’s also a chance you could get as many as 30.)

Know Your Titans

While Hero Wars comes with close to four dozen Heroes (including recent addition Martha), the game has always come with 12 Titans, with four representing each of the three elements — Fire, Water, and Earth. Talking about the elemental hierarchy, it’s pretty simple, and the game will guide you on which Titans to use by limiting you to Titans of a certain element (the weaker one) if you’re clearing Dungeon levels where your enemies are element-specific. Fire beats Earth, Water beats Fire, Earth beats Water — given what we said in the last sentence, you’ll be limited to Fire Titans in a dungeon level where you’re up against Earth Titans.

hero wars team of titans

Most Titan-specific levels, however, allow you to use Titans of all elements, so try to plan your attack based on your elemental strengths — against a team of Earth and Water Titans, for example, you’ll want to keep your Fire Titans out due to their weakness against the Water Titans on the AI-controlled enemy team.

Talking more about the four Titans per element, each element has a “leader” of sorts that’s capable of Marksman and Support skills — these are the rarest of them all, and would require the most Soul Stones to unlock — that’s 250, as opposed to 30 for other Titans. There’s also one Marksman, one Support, and one Defender Titan per element, and they are limited to only one skill, as opposed to the four skills your Heroes could eventually get to use.

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What follows below is a list of all 12 Titans, their titles, elements, roles, and descriptions of their skill(s), with the latter coming from the official Hero Wars website. Bear in mind that all damage stats, percentages, and effect durations pertain to level 1 versions of each Titan — these can easily increase as you level them up with your Titan Potion!

Moloch (Blazing Ravager)

hero wars moloch

Element: Fire

Role: Defender

Skill: Crushing Blow — Hits the nearest enemies, causing 3403 damage and stunning them for 5 seconds.

Vulcan (Scorching Crater)

Element: Fire

Role: Marksman

Skill: Erupting Rage — Makes a powerful cannon shot, causing 4794 damage to the nearest enemy

Ignis (Punishing Flame)

Element: Fire

Role: Support

Skill: Burning Blood — Increases the Attack of all allies by 741 for 6 seconds

Araji (Master of Fire)

Element: Fire

Role: Marksman/Support

Skill: Incinerating Ray — Shoots out a stream of fire for 7 seconds, focusing it on the nearest enemy and dealing 1422 damage per second / Herald of Flame — Speeds up allies by 30 percent for 8 seconds

Sigurd (Snow Guardian)

Element: Water

Role: Defender

Skill: Icy Aegis — Lifts the shield and becomes immune to any damage for 5 seconds

Nova (Winter Blade)

Element: Water

Role: Marksman

Skill: North Wind — Launches a projectile at the rearmost enemy lines, causing 679.5 damage and stunning the affected targets for 4 seconds

Mairi (Glacial Tide)

Element: Water

Role: Support

Skill: Abyss Curse — Decreases the Attack of all enemies by 40 percent for 8 seconds

Hyperion (Father of the Ocean)

Element: Water

Role: Marksman/Support

Skill: Frost Needles — Assaults the farthest enemies with a wave of ice that keeps growing in power. Enemies standing next to the furthest foe will receive 3522 damage. The closer each enemy is, the less damage they will receive. / Frigid Healing — Heals the ally with least health by 2348.

Angus (Protector of Nature)

Element: Earth

Role: Defender

Skill: Anger of the Earth — Strikes everyone on the opposing team with roots that shoots up from the ground, dealing 772.2 damage per second for 8 seconds. Cannot attack when using the skill.

Sylva (Mother of Hunters)

Element: Earth

Role: Marksman

Skill: Emerald Storm — Launches 6 arrows at random targets, causing 776.3 damage with each hit

Avalon (Soul of the Forest)

Element: Earth

Role: Support

Skill: Forest Embrace — Creates a shield absorbing 2964 damage on all allies

Eden (Guardian of Balance)

Element: Earth

Role: Marksman/Support

Skill: Burden of Creation — Raises a humongous chunk of rock from the ground and hurls it at the center of the enemy team. All enemies next to the impact receive 3252 damage. / Subterranean Prison — Binds a random enemy with roots and pulls the victim under the ground for 6 seconds. Once the enemy is released, they stay stunned for 2 more seconds. If the target is the last enemy on the battlefield, they won’t get pulled underground, but the stun effect will still affect them.

Save Your Titan Potion For Your Best Titans

As we explained above, Titan Potion is the resource you need in order to level up your Titans and make them more powerful for those all-important Dungeon battles…and more. Winning Hero battles in the Dungeon is the most reliable way of getting Titan Potion, though it’s also possible to get this resource by completing daily or standard quests or as a reward in special events. But even if there are “only” 12 Titans as opposed to well over 40 Heroes, you’ll find out soon enough that Titan Potion should be used prudently!

Once you reach the higher levels in the Dungeon, you’ll realize how important Titan Potion is, especially once you set checkpoints at certain milestone levels where you can start from during your next Dungeon crawl — you also get several thousand coins after setting a new checkpoint. The Titans you face will become tougher to defeat, and you’ll need a couple Titans leveled up well ahead of the others, though it’s also helpful if the rest of your unlocked Titans are considerably leveled up, so as to ensure you a better chance of completing more Dungeon battles.

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Preferably, you want one Titan per element to be leveled up ahead of the others, varying the role for your “lead” Titan at the moment — given how difficult it is to unlock the masters, you can, for instance, have an Earth Defender, a Fire Marksman, and an Earth Support Titan at level 15 while the others are at level 9-10 or thereabouts.

The Same Guidelines For Team Formation Apply

When talking about Titan team formation in Hero Wars, the same basic rules will apply — you need to make your team as balanced as possible. That’s why the third tip is very important, as you wouldn’t want to stack up your team with Support Titans that don’t offer much by way of attack, or with Defenders that do damage, soak up damage, but don’t have sufficient backup from Marksmen or get healed or protected by Support.

Ideally, we recommend having one or two Defenders, Marksmen, and Support Titans belonging to a good mix of elements — no more than two and no less than one of each role or each element. This would give you the most practical setup against enemy teams of different elements — once again, keep in mind that you will be forced to use Titans of a weaker element if you’re forced to face up against a team belonging to one element only.

Save The Gift Of The Elements For Your Best Heroes

hero wars gift of the elements

The Gift of the Elements under the Heart of Power section, as mentioned above, allows you to improve your Heroes’ Strength, Agility, and Intelligence through the Sparks of Power you collect each time your Titans get leveled up. But should you make use of these Sparks of Power to improve your Heroes and give yourself a better chance at completing more difficult Campaign missions or winning more Arena/Grand Arena battles?

If you take a look at the before/after statistical impact of each Gift of the Elements level-up on your Heroes, it really won’t help as much as crafting equipment or leveling them up, or especially promoting them from one color to the next, or evolving from one star tier to the next. But it does help — it also improves each Hero’s health, aside from the aforementioned stats — if you imbue them with the Gift of the Elements.

We suggest saving this for your five best Heroes, especially since you could earn a nice rewards in coins (50,000, to be exact) if you complete the quest that requires you to upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 5 for five Heroes. (You could earn 75,000 if you get the Gift of the Elements up to level 10, also for five Heroes, so there’s also that to consider.) Your Sparks of Power will be limited, so make sure that they count!

Here’s Why Having An Active Guild Matters — The Guild Wars

Like most other games in the RPG genre, Hero Wars comes with a Guild War feature, and this is why we said it’s important to be part of an active guild in order to improve your chances of earning the best possible rewards. In Guild Wars, each member of a guild would be tasked to put together teams of Heroes and Titans to serve as defensive units, and if you’ve got the most powerful teams in your Guild, the Guild Master would ideally give you Guild Champion status, allowing you in specific to take part in the actual war.

The game allows Guild Master to assign a maximum of 20 Champions for Golden Leagues, and up to 15 Champions for others. Masters will also have to assign teams across different parts of the Guild War map, with Champions allowed to defend any open position, though we wouldn’t get much into this aside from advising you, once again, to make sure you’ve got a balanced team with the usual components — just the right mix of front-liners (Tanks or Warriors), ranged Heroes (Marksmen or Mages) and support characters (ideally Healers).

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As you can see, you can only achieve as much as your Guild Master allows you to, so you’re essentially in trouble if your guild’s Master isn’t updating things regularly. You have the option to leave your Guild at any time, though the game will warn you that you’ll need to wait some time before joining a new one.

Spend Your Guild Trophies Over At The Merchant Section / Guild War Shop

Depending on the league you’re part of and your placement in the Guild Wars (as determined on a daily basis), you can win Guild Trophies in various denominations — Bronze (the most common), Silver, Gold (traditionally the rarest), and Cross-Server. Gold and Silver Guild Trophies can be used to purchase unique skins to make Heroes even more powerful, while Silver Guild Trophies can be used to purchase Soul Stones for any one of the four Guild-specific heroes — Jhu, Ziri, Nebula, and K’arkh. Ziri appears to be the most useful for a lot of players, as one of her skills allows her to essentially play possum by burrowing under the ground for a few seconds during a battle, once per battle.

hero wars guild war shop

Various forms of Guild currency can be used to buy Items in the Merchant area (aka Guild War Shop) of the Guild War menu — these range from Titan Potion, which you can buy with your common Bronze Guild Trophies, to EXP Boosters, which can only be purchased with Cross-Server trophies. Accessories — which don’t do anything outside of cosmetically spiffing up your avatar — can be purchased with Cross-Server Guild Trophies.

Lastly, the Exchange section of the Guild War Shop allows you to trade one type of Guild War Trophy for another — for example, you can pay two Silver trophies to get four Bronze ones, or two Cross-Server trophies for four Gold ones. Unfortunately, the game does not allow players to trade in their Bronze trophies for rarer ones!


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