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Tap! Dig! My Museum! Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Run Your Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaur fossils are fascinating but digging them up takes a lot of work. Oridio’s new mobile game Tap! Dig! My Museum! lets you experience what it is like to run your very own dinosaur museum. Unfortunately, you will have to do the digging yourself. This brand new simulation game lets you assemble dinosaur displays piece by piece. It will be up to you to choose where to dig for each part. The more parts you collect, the more people will pay to view the displays.

You will also have to manage the museum by attracting more customers and opening up more display slots. The further you go, the more expensive the excavations will be. Don’t forget to upgrade your skills in order to keep up with the increasing difficulty. If you find yourself unable to complete any display, just check out our Tap! Dig! My Museum! guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Choose Where To Dig Wisely

tap! dig! my museum! tips

Each excavation will require you to find one to two fossils. You will know how many fossils there are by the number of grey boxes above the excavation site. There is also a green bar that indicates the number of digs you can perform. Each tap you make on the site costs one dig. Once the number of digs if depleted, your excavation will end regardless of the number of fossils you were able to find. Keep in mind that you will need to completely uncover a fossil in order to keep it, so it doesn’t count if you only revealed part of it.

A good way to cover more ground is to space your taps. Each tap you make will also make a crack on surrounding tiles, making it easier to break them. The cracks also sometimes reveal what is underneath, giving you an idea if a fossil is in there. Try to tap areas around rocks instead of trying to break the rocks directly. This will allow you to crack the rocks without wasting multiple taps in a single location.

2. Watch Ads For More Moves

tap! dig! my museum! cheats

When your dig count runs low, a red gift box will appear on the right side of the screen. Tap on it and you will be given the option to watch an ad in exchange for a few more moves. Always take advantage of this offer unless you are sure you will be able to get all fossils with the moves you have left. Make sure you accept the offer before you dig any further because it will disappear once your move count hits zero.

3. Level Up Your Skills

Once you earn more money, you will be able to upgrade your skills. Try to upgrade your skills before moving on to the next excavation site as it will most likely be more difficult than the last. Later excavation sites will have multiple layers and several rocks, making them harder to clear. You will end up wasting a lot of money if you try to dig at an advanced site with just your basic skills. There are three skills for you to upgrade. The first one upgrades your museum. It increases the number of visitors you get, therefore increasing the money you earn.

tap! dig! my museum! skills

The second one upgrades your character’s level, increasing your maximum dig count per excavation. The last skill increases the level of your pickaxe, allowing you to break more cells surrounding your initial dig spot. Try to level up all these three evenly in order to maximize your output.

4. Call Up The Tour Bus

When you are on the museum screen, you will sometimes see a red gift box icon on the lower left corner. Tap on it in order to accept another ad offer that will summon a tour bus. Once you finish watching the video advertisement, a tour bus will appear that will bring a lot of customers at once. Your museum will be filled with people and you will get a lot of coins when they leave. Make sure you accept this offer whenever you see it because you will need a lot of coins in the later stages of the game.

5. Choose What To Display

When you have unlocked all the display slots, you will realize that there are more dinosaurs than there are displays. That means you won’t be able to earn from all of your dinosaurs. You can choose which ones to display by tapping on the red fossil icon at the bottom of the screen. This will make blue buttons appear below each display. Tap on the blue button of the display you want to manage. Once the menu comes up, tap on the two arrows forming a circle.

tap! dig! my museum! display

You will be given the option to put away your current display in order to dig for a new dinosaur or replace it with an existing one.

If you are working on a new dinosaur and the tour bus offer comes up, you can put away the incomplete fossil first and bring out a completed one. This will ensure that you get maximum earnings once the tourists pour into your museum. You can just take the incomplete dinosaur out again when the tour bus leaves.

6. Keep On Digging

As of this writing, there are only six display slots available in Tap! Dig! My Museum!, with eight dinosaurs to assemble. The developers will be adding more slots and dinosaurs in future updates. In the meantime, you can continue digging up fossils from existing excavation sites even if you have already completed them. The duplicate fossil parts that you pick up will increase the level of your dinosaur. You will see a number in the description of each dinosaur that corresponds to the number of duplicates you were able to dig up. The more duplicates a display has, the more you will earn from it. This is a good way to earn more money and extend your play time while waiting for new dinosaurs to be added to the game.

It is time to dig up some dinosaurs in Tap! Dig! My Museum! Make sure you follow our tips, cheats and strategies and you will have a thriving museum in no time!


Monday 11th of December 2023

I would like to know what the question mark next to the dinosaur found means

Jina Song

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

What's the goal of the game? It's 80 dinosaurs now and it got really boring!

lance magilakudi

Wednesday 18th of May 2022

@Jina Song, appears there isnt one and the reddit has many that worry its dead. kinda sad that i wasted money on it. thought it was building to i mean not a lot but just a little more that do what you did in the first 1-2 mins. forever.