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Golf Inc. Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Coins Faster and Become a Top Golf Tycoon

Green Panda Games began being active in the mobile gaming scene way back in 2014, as a developer of simple and classic favorites like Solitaire, Sudoku, and Blackjack. Currently, the company specializes in publishing idle clicker games that many people play and enjoy. With 16 titles under its broad games portfolio, Green Panda Games’ top releases are Bee Factory, Emoji Craft, and Sushi Bar with Bee Factory accumulating more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone while the latter 2 amassing more than 5 million downloads each.

A lot of games they released has made it to top 100 lists in several countries worldwide and most of these apps stay strong to this day. Following the company’s achievement in the genre, it’s only natural for any of their releases for both Android and iOS platforms to be a hit for their fans and followers.

Golf Inc. Tycoon is Green Panda Games’ latest offering and is currently available for iOS users. Like many of its published games, Golf Inc. Tycoon banks on easy one-tap controls and simplistic game mechanics that many people across ages love and enjoy. Though the title itself may draw assumptions that it’s like the plethora of golf games available in the mobile gaming market, Golf Inc. Tycoon sets itself apart as a golf course management game that is all about earning money and growing to become a tycoon.

As games that you can play with as very little free time you can spare have always been hot on the market, the game continues to have increasing downloads as well as largely positive reviews on the Apple App Store.

As simple as it is, Golf Inc. Tycoon hardly has any complex tutorials to learn and follow. As everything is as easy as a tap of a button, total beginners and even kids can learn the mechanics of the game easily. Even doing nothing while the game is on will help you earn coins but occasional clicks here and there will tremendously boost income generation.

Given the usual idle clicker formula, you can definitely make progress in the game regardless of how you play it and your golf empire’s growth will almost always be equal to the amount of time and effort you put in the game. If you want to net higher earnings and grow your golf empire faster and more efficiently, then check out our Golf Inc. Tycoon beginner’s guide, for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Understand What Each Upgrade Does

No idle clicker game is without a seemingly endless purpose designed to keep you aiming towards ever-increasing goals as you progress through the game. With the plethora of upgrade options available in Golf Inc. Tycoon to help you grow your golf club, it can be a little confusing to prioritize on which upgrades to focus on first most especially if you do not fully understand what each one does. Practically speaking, all upgrade options available in the game will directly or indirectly lead to boosting earnings by the second and in a sense, you will have to upgrade all of it.

golf inc tycoon guide

The first step you should take as you dive into the game, therefore, is to have a basic understanding of what each upgrade option specifically does. Upgrades in Golf Inc. Tycoon are categorized into four groups focusing on main aspects of the golf club management operation you need to work on to increase your profits. These are Fairway, Golfer, Cars, and the Club itself and each one of the first 2 groups have four upgrade options under it and the last one has 3.

Under the fairway upgrades, capacity increases the number of balls each bucket contains and makes each golfer stay longer swinging clubs on the fairway. In essence, this will earn you more profit as it will take less idle time as golfers switch in and out. This is very helpful when you activate occasional special boost that makes all golfers hit hole-in-ones continuously. Ball value is easy enough to understand as it increases the amount of coins you earn as each one is picked up by the golf cart or is shot into the hole.

Stock relates to the number golf balls that can be stored on the stock machine for distribution to incoming golfers. Increasing stock capacity ensures that all incoming golfers will always have enough golf balls and that golf carts will always be able to empty itself out with every travel to the stock machine. Upgrading golden balls increases the frequency at which golf balls on the fairway become gold. As golden golf balls has 2x value when picked up, this also contributes to higher earnings.

The shoot rate of golfers refer to how fast they swing clubs and upgrading this makes each golfer strike balls into the fairway faster by 2.5%. Increasing power strengthens golfers and enables them to have swings that can take golf balls farther across the fairway. As farther targets provide higher coin rewards, this also helps increase profits occasionally. Targets can be seen on the fairway as twin rings that instantly earn coins when golfers land balls within its area. Increasing target value boosts the amount of coins you earn every time a golf ball hits the target. Upgrading target accuracy increases the chances for golfers to aim at and hit targets on the fairway.

With the car upgrade options, the first one labeled “cars” is expensive for obvious reasons. Having more cars on the fairway collecting balls will serve as a steady multiplier of your earnings. Investing in its speed provide an increase in how fast it travels with or without clicking on it.

Similar to the golf ball dispersing machine, each car or golf cart has a limit as to how many balls it can collect before heading back and emptying itself out so upgrading its carry capacity leaves it with less travels to and from the stock machine. Turbo activates whenever you tap on each golf cart and upgrading it further increases the boost speed of all cars whenever you tap on them.

For the actual golf club itself, investing in size expands the golf course further up to level 4. Although its effects to profits cannot be perceived easily under normal circumstances, this will tremendously increase your gains whenever it starts to rain golf balls. As we mentioned earlier, the twin ring targets that appear on the golf course can boost your profits tremendously as it earns you coins whenever a golfer lands balls within it.

Targets can be upgraded to a maximum of 4 and more targets raise the chances as well that golfers land balls into one of them. Last, but not the least, is accuracy that boosts your golfers chances of hitting the targets in the fairway. Each upgrade increases accuracy by 1% and can be done 10 times.

In addition to all these upgrades, you can also increase the number of golfers in the fairway by clicking on the empty slot and paying the cost. While these require certain levels to unlock, it is fairly easy to level up in Golf Inc. Tycoon.

Knowing each upgrade and having a fair understanding of what each one does is half of what you must know to be efficient in the game as far as coin-earning and golf club expansion is concerned. Although the ultimate goal is to upgrade each of these options to maximum, some will have to be done a little ahead of the rest.

2. Balance Each Upgrade Out

Although Golf Inc. Tycoon is an idle clicker game and you will earn coins just by running the app, progressing fast requires some time and effort put into it. More so, performing upgrades every now and then and having a good balance across each upgrade will more efficiently utilize each coin you earn in the game. Like investments in real life, idle money is never good so what you should aim for is to invest it immediately knowing that doing so will help boost the profits you earn from it.

Almost all upgrade choices in the game has the same starting costs save for the number of cars and club upgrades. As the boost that each level of upgrade is the same across all levels in contrast with the increasing costs, it will be a wiser choice to distribute your investments across all these upgrades to have more gains for a comparatively lower cost. Club upgrades, extra cars, as well as additional golfers are unique considerations that you have to purchase outright when you are able to or save a bit more if you are close to being able to do so.

So for example, if you are saving for an upgrade that costs 30 million and you only have 3, then you might as well spend the 3 on various other upgrades first and just try to earn the money you need after logging back in again later with a huge offline income reward.

3. Cycle Taps On Golfers And Cars

Various idle clicker games work in a way where rapidly tapping on an item will generate more income for you. In Golf Inc. Tycoon, there is no such mechanic and you only need to click on the golfers and cars once as consecutive taps won’t make the golfers swing more rapidly and won’t help the cars run faster. The effect of each tap wears out quickly enough, though, which is why you will have to tap on the item again after 3 to 4 seconds to trigger the turbo effect.

As frantic and random taps can be tiring, as well as ineffective at times, make it a habit to procedurally cycle through each golfer and car as far as tapping actions are concerned. Keep in mind that this works as well on golfers who are yet to step into the golf course and cars that are currently returning balls into the stock hub.

This will make it easier for you in the long run, especially when you have many cars and golfers to manage at the same time. This is very much a standard cycle you have to maintain unless boosts are in effect which makes either golfers or cars more important than the other.

4. Always Activate Double Income And Other Boosts

One of the free perks you would want to activate first once you step into the game is the double income multiplier which you can see on the upper left side of your screen. Clicking on this button will double the coins you earn for five minutes and will immediately activate after watching a 5 to 30-second video ad. Within the 5-minute period, you can further extend the duration of the boost by 15 more minutes after watching another short ad. You should always keep an eye on this as you should always want to play with this in effect.

At some point, you may grow too busy multitasking between the golfers, golf carts, and upgrades and completely miss that the double income boost ran out. This is especially helpful and should be active before you take advantage of the other boosts.

golf inc tycoon double income

Aside from the double income boost, you will occasionally see either a raincloud icon or a tiger mascot of sorts appear on the upper right hand side of your screen. As both these quick-time events tremendously boost the income you generate, be sure not to miss any opportunity to activate them and make the most out of each short boost duration.

With the raincloud boost, clicking on it and watching the ad will initiate a rain of golf balls that practically fill up the entire fairway. In these instances, cars will be your priority as far as tapping goes so you can forget about clicking on your golfers in the meantime. Clicking on the tiger mascot boost makes each golfer hit hole-in-ones for its duration so, in contrast, your focus this time around should be exclusively on the golfers as each shot they make gives high income rewards.

If ever you are running out of the 2x income multiplier once the other boosts appear, calculate on whether you can click on the income multiplier first before initializing the other boost as double income affecting either of the other boosts should be the way to go if you want to boost earnings fast.

5. Remember To Level Up Immediately

Everything that happens in Golf Inc. Tycoon contributes to experience points that lead to levelling up of your account. You will notice the experience bar filling up at the top right corner of your screen and the words “level up” will appear once you have enough experience points to gain a level.

Each increase in level not only grants more earnings from every aspect of the game but it also is key to unlocking more slots for golfers. As you may become engrossed with everything that is happening on the fairway, it is highly possible to miss out on tapping the level up button once it becomes active.

golf inc tycoon tricks

Keep in mind that once the “level up” button becomes active and you fail to click on it immediately, all experience points you gain are considered lost. As such, pay close attention to it especially on the first 20 levels or so as the experience bar fills up rather quickly and you will find yourself levelling up rapidly within the first few minutes of your game.

6. Watch Video Ads For Extra Boosts

Video ads on free-to-play mobile games have been a common thing and idle clicker games are popular for such mechanics. Golf Inc. Tycoon, however, won’t shove unwanted ads in your face and disrupt your playing time in any way. On the other hand, you would willingly want to watch some ads every now and then as doing so can greatly accelerate your income generation and overall progress in the game at a shorter time than actively playing the game without ads.

golf inc tycoon extra boosts

On top of the 2x income boost and the occasional golf ball rain and tiger-skilled golfers boosts, there still plenty of instances where watching a 5 to 30-second video ad can further boost your income. Each level up rewards you with massive amounts of money and watching an ad before you claim them will triple the amount you receive. This works the same way when you manage to tap on the yellow drone that randomly hovers across the golf course.

Lastly, but practically most importantly, you can also watch ads when you hop back in on the game before claiming your offline income. As this depends on the amount of time you spent away from playing, the amount you can earn from watching ads will be greater the longer you were away from the game. Likewise, as all income grows bigger based on your level and progress, all triple perks you can claim off of watching ads becomes more valuable the longer you play the game.

And this is all we have for our Golf Inc. Tycoon beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you were able to read our tips and strategies before you started to play the game or as you play within its earlier stages. If we missed out on relevant tips which you think should form part of our guide, we welcome your thoughts and comments so be sure to leave us a message below!