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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Progress Chapters Faster

Leiting Games is a relatively new entrant to the mobile gaming industry and has only been active since 2017 with 5 apps on it games portfolio. Although comparatively younger than most mobile game developers, the company has proven its worth with the success of its English games series, Dungeon Survivor. Dungeon Survivor II: Dark Tide, which was launched just a little over a year ago has quickly amassed 1 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. With near-perfect average review ratings from users on both Android and iOS platforms, it follows that succeeding releases from Leiting Games will likely secure a massive following.

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is Leiting Games’ latest offering for both Android and iOS users and in a short amount of time, the game has already gone beyond reaching 1 million downloads. The game currently stands as #11 on RPGs in the App Store and the #2 free game in the Google Play Store. Backed as well with largely positive reviews on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is surely a treat for everyone who has downloaded and played the game so far. As an RPG with an exceptional mix of dungeon crawler and beat ‘em up elements, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is definitely an excellent addictive game that’s surprisingly free-to-play. Chip in the unique storyline as well as the pixel-style in-game art and it’s a definite package for players of all ages to enjoy and get hooked on easily. If you enjoy dungeon crawler RPGs, zombie-themed or otherwise, you should definitely check this game out.

The world of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z may seem like a commonly clichéd post-apocalyptic era plagued by zombie infestation but there is a lot more into it than just brawler and shooter action. As the initial game mode it offers follow a story, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z lets you dive deep into the events leading to the catastrophic state of the world you leave in and how you must survive and help rebuild civilization. You won’t be alone in your war against the infected as players and friends will soon join you on your missions. There are skills to learn and master as well as highly customizable gears to help you focus on the right build for your hero. There’s exploration, crafting, and lots of strategies involved as you stride from one chapter to another. Additional game modes also become available after reaching certain requirements. All-in-all, it’s a fun and addictive game to play on your own but more so, with players to help you through more challenging levels.

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z offers a brief and easy-to-follow guide from time to time as you make progress in the game. Although some are left to explore on your own, the controls, interface, and general game mechanics can quickly be grasped in a short span of time. Even as a total beginner on the game genre, it’s highly likely that anyone can finish the initial chapters regardless of how they play it. Likewise, every bit of time spent on exterminating mobs and gathering supplies contribute to your growth and progress. If you want to level up progress through the game faster and more efficiently, though, follow our tips, cheats and strategies we have in our beginner’s guide to jumpstart your adventure in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z.

1. Always Explore Your Surroundings

It’s a given that you need to move forward from one place or area to another and progress from one chapter to the next one and with a guiding arrow for the most part of the game, the only impediments between you and your goals should be the mobs of zombies and grotesque monsters that loiter each area and some roadblocks that you can clear through planting explosives. In any case, each chapter can be accomplished practically in a linear manner by following the arrow and getting to the exit.

fury survivor pixel z tips

In as much as doing so would enable you to clear chapters faster, the survival element of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z requires that you find and keep as many of the basic resources you can find and keep a healthy stock of food water and ammunition for “rainy days”. Given this thought, be sure to consider venturing around each nook and cranny before heading forward to where the arrow leads you. You may have a little more than enough of every necessity in the early part of the game but keep in mind that you will be needing more and more as challenges become greater later on. Some resources you need to ceaselessly gather may not be just lying around ready for the taking, so be sure to destroy anything you can and inspect everything that has a magnifying glass icon on it. It is best to have an overabundance of the basic necessities and crafting materials early on so you won’t have to repeat chapters just because you won’t have enough later on to make progress. There are a lot of hidden stuff in the world of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z so take time to look around and take advantage of the absence of an in-game timer pressuring you to complete a chapter within a set time limit.

2. Keep Food And Water At High Levels

Just below your health bar lies your hunger bar and thirst bar respectively. Regardless of what you do in the game, both these bars will continue to decrease and you must replenish the same with the needed items. Take note that while one of each food and drink item will be shown on the lower right side of your screen, you potentially have more in stock within your inventory.

fury survivor pixel z food and water levels

In any case, there aren’t any disadvantages if you use food and drink items early on to bring both bars close to full. In fact, it should be made a habit early on to avoid health reduction penalties when either one drops down to zero. As some of these consumables won’t be as effective on their own, be sure to constantly ckeck on new craftable items as doing so will result in gaining better food and drinks that can replenish hunger and thirst at a higher percentage along with some bonus perks.

One good reason to always keep both bars at high levels is that you may encounter scrnarios where hordes of enemies will hardly give you enough room outside of running and shooting to click on the food and drinks icon at the lower right of the screen. To lessen the tension of actual battle, therefore, keeping both bars close to full before any series of fights will help you focus more on the battle at hand.

3. Use Your Melee Weapon, Pistol, And Rifle Wisely

It’s often fun and exciting to switch to a newfound weapon as soon as it becomes available. Naturally, you will begin the game with a basic melee weapon but after just a short time on the initial area, you will soon acquire a pistol and a rifle soon after that. You can equip one of each type and switch around these weapons freely by tapping on their icon at the right side of your screen.

fury survivor pixel z weapons

As pistols and rifles both have range and don’t lag behind melee weapons as far as damage and attack speed are concerned, the easier way to go about things would naturally be to use them. In this regard as well, rifles boast much higher damage and speed than pistols so once you are able to use one, it’s a pretty tempting pleasure to ignore especially if you have ammo to spare. Doing so, however, will surely deplete you ammunition stock and you may not have enough in dire situations when you need bullets more. As such learn to manage with the melee weapon as much as you can and only switch to ranged ones when using melee may put you in trouble’s way.

For starters, inanimate objects you need to destroy for loot such as crates, drums, and vehicles should be done so with your melee weapon. If an enemy can be killed swiftly enough with your melee weapon and especially since most melee weapons can damage multiple enemies with each swing, you should be able to manage most close combat enemies with the melee weapon you have. The major drawback with using melee weapons is that you won’t be able to walk while holding down the attack button, so you need to get a good grasp of how many enemies you can stand and be ready to fall back if you are being overwhelmed.

Some enemies have projectiles and won’t need to get close to you to do some damage. As you will more likely take hits as you attempt to get close to them with a melee weapon in hand, these situations call for switching into your pistol. For tougher mobs that aren’t easily eradicated by your melee and pistol, you can use your rifle to some extent, but then always consider only diminishing their numbers and switch back to either melee or pistol when you have cut the number of enemies down to par.

Enemies with an aura on them are elites that deal far more damage than their normal counterparts and also have much more HP so once you see the glow, you better start moving. These are also considered special cases where you should be free to indulge in using your rifle to squeeze in as much damage fast. Elite enemies typically also move faster so you have to keep running to avoid damage ensure that you have clear space or areas to move around on and not get yourself in a tight spot.

Beyond elite enemies, there are bosses you will encounter every once in a while and if their features and moves won’t be enough to drop you a hint, their extra long life bars at the top of the screen should. Bosses naturally have even more tremendous power and defense compared to all other creatures in the game and have unique abilities that you need to watch out for to win battles a lot easier. While you can just spam on your rifle to deal damage to the boss continuously, each enemy boss sports an attack pattern that should let you squeeze in some melee hits if you are unfortunate enough to run out of ammo. At some point in the battle, bosses and even some elite enemies generate a barrier that is immune to all ranged attacks. In this case, quickly shift to your melee weapon and hack away at it until the barrier disperses. Be sure to grab all rewards that drop from bosses as you need to be in close proximity to any kind of loot in the game before you can obtain them.

4. Switch Up To Better Gear As Soon As You Can

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is generous in terms of the loot system that won’t make it too hard for you to obtain decent equipment. From regular mobs as well other common sources of items, gears may become obtainable. Your basic source of higher level and more powerful weapons and armor, though, are elite enemies and bosses that drop off items that are sometimes even beyond your current level to obtain.

fury survivor pixel z gear

The first gear of its type that you acquire will automatically be equipped on your character. Succeeding ones you obtain, though, will have to be equipped manually. To do so, simply click on the “bag” icon at the lower left side of your screen to open up your inventory, and click on the fourth tab to view all gears you have. Each piece of gear that offers better stats will have an indicator over them. Simply click on each and tap the equip button to put them on.

Gears of rarity color blue and above will have slots on them where you can insert attachments. On the left side of the equipment screen where you can see each equipped item around the hero, simply click on each gear and click on the smaller box beside it to choose the available attachments you can use on that gear. There are no right or wrong choices here as each attachment can be shifted from one piece of equipment to another.

5. Craft Only What You Currently Need

One of the more enjoyable and addictive elements of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is the existence of various raw materials and the plethora of items you can craft with them. Although some recipes will be unlocked following certain level requirements or game progression, it’s a great incentive for people who enjoy amassing tons of various resources just for the fun of it.

fury survivor pixel z crafting

Beyond that, being able to explore this feature is also very vital to your survival in the game as some instances can only be overcome by having the necessary items to be crafted with specific raw materials behind them. As some players tend to max out crafting any item their resources would permit them to do so, having better items to be crafted later on requiring the same materials they used up won’t work well in the long run. With this, be sure to only craft what you need for the immediate requirement or necessity, such as explosives, food, and drinks.

6. Allocate Perk Points Immediately

At some point early on, levelling up won’t simply improve your stats but will also give you a bit of customizable boost to work on as you build your hero. Succeeding level ups once you reach level 2 will award you with perk points which you can use to boost certain qualities of your character. You can access and view the list of available perks by clicking on the arrow at the lower left side of your screen and clicking on the perk icon.

fury survivor pixel z perk points

There is truthfully no right or wrong choice as far as choosing which perks to work on in the chart as it should very much depend on your preferences and play style coupled with what you feel is what suits you the best. As you need to max out each perk before proceeding to the next one, you should browse through ones you have yet to unlock and determine the right path towards getting there.

For starters as well, the first perks to choose from are “Lock & Load” which boosts damage, and “Tenacious” which boosts HP. If you feel that you need to improve more on killing enemies faster, then feel free to bank on the first. If you, however, find your hero to be somewhat wanting in the defense department, then invest some points on tenacity. Each of the perks are useful on their own but every player will have random luck on the gears they can acquire and also have varying play styles.

7. Remember To Claim Supply Restocks

fury survivor pixel z supply restock

Even if you have the worst luck possible in terms of the loots you receive from mobs and destructible objects, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is more than generous to reward you free items from time to time. BE sure to always check the gift box icon at the upper left side of the screen and play your luck to get one of three available items. Once you claim an item, a countdown timer will appear for the availability of the next one so be sure to take note of it so you can claim the free gifts as soon as you can and initiate the countdown immediately. Keep in mind that some of the rewards you can claim here are difficult to obtain regularly from normal play so be sure to take advantage of this feature as much as you can.

8. Claim Achievement Rewards And Strive To Accomplish More

On top of the immediate rewards you receive from adventuring through the apocalyptic world of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, there are still plenty of additional rewards you can claim following the achievements you have reached through your activities. These extra rewards can be obtained from the achievement page which you can view by clicking on the arrow icon at the bottom side of the screen and clicking on the “ACHV” icon.

fury survivor pixel z rewards

As most of the objectives you need to meet to accomplish these achievements are within your regular activity in the game, you can always check to see your standing on the ones you have yet to accomplish. Common rewards are the most basic resources you need like med packs, food and water but in some cases, you can even obtain rare pets and other hard to obtain items from the more challenging objectives.

9. You Can Only Stay Idle At Camp Or Refuge

The camp, which you can access after completing chapter 3, and the refuge, which becomes available after completing chapter 5 are the only safe places where you can stay idle.

fury survivor pixel z camp

Although no enemies will spawn randomly close to where you are on the chapter levels, your hunger and thirst bars will continuously drop down anywhere outside of the camp and the refuge. Once it does, your HP will ceaselessly diminish as a result and you will perish. If you need to end your game abruptly, it’s either you save your game or head back to safe zones.

To do any of these, click on the options button at the upper right corner of your screen and click on either return to camp or return to refuge. Under the advanced tab, you will see the option to save your game data.

There are still tons of things to explore within Fury Survivor: Pixel Z but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. Although there are some game modes that will soon consume limited stamina, running through story chapters and even repeating previously conquered ones won’t be delimited as such. Considering that, you can basically make good progress on the game depending on how much time you put into it. Keep in mind, though, that each run should net you more resources at the end of it to ensure a steady supply of all the basic necessities. We hope the guide has equipped you with more knowledge on how to progress much faster in the game. If you have more to add to our list of tips, cheats and strategies, you are very much welcome to share your thoughts with us in the comment area!