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Hero Wars (Nexters) Advanced Guide: Tips, Strategies & Tactics to Win Arena Battles and Dominate All Game Modes

Nexters, the same company behind titles like Throne Rush and Island Experiment, released a game last year called Hero Wars, and as you may have inferred from our last few guides for the game, it remains fairly popular to this day. The game now allows you to collect up to close to 50 different Heroes, with more being added over time, and you can field these Heroes in battle in a variety of different modes, from the standard campaign missions against AI enemies to Arena battles against other players from around the world.

This also happens to be a game not unlike many others in the fantasy RPG genre, as certain modes or features only become available once you reach a certain level. We’re going to cover most of the modes that become available from level 25 onward in this new Hero Wars strategy guide, while also offering some intermediate and advanced-level tips that could help you win more battles in the regular Arena, as well as the Grand Arena, which you can unlock once you reach level 50. Take note that we may be releasing a separate guide for Guilds in the near future, given the vast number of sub-features that are available in this game mode.

1. How To Win More Battles In The Arena

As you’ll find out when you are in the higher levels of Hero Wars, it gets harder to win Arena battles. While you may have found it easy to field your best five Heroes on defense and on attack when their combined power was in the 20,000 to 30,000 range or less, that no longer applies when you’re up against the true veterans of the game, or those who are willing to pay real money to level up/promote their Heroes or unlock new ones. It doesn’t help that earning Arena Coins for use in the Arena Shop is substantially harder than it is to, say, earn Outland Coins. That means you could be grinding for quite a while before you’re able to unlock someone like Chabba, who requires 80 Soul Stones to unlock at the Arena Shop — though that also means getting him at instant three-star level.

hero wars battle tips

What we would suggest would be to make sure you have a well-balanced defensive and attack unit — successfully holding off other players who challenge you in the Arena will earn you 10 Arena Coins, while winning an Arena battle on attack, of course, is worth 20 Arena Coins. Typically, this means having one Tank who could preferably help out in a Support role as well, one Warrior to join your Tank up front and do a lot of physical damage to make up for said Tank’s usual deficiencies in that area, two Mages or Marksmen as ranged fighters, and one Healer. This could apply to both your offensive and defensive units, but feel free to experiment with different combinations from time to time — if a certain lineup works better for you than the one we suggested above, you’re free to use it if it’s getting you Arena Coins through victories.

So far, we’ve gotten some good results with Astaroth as our Tank — his protective shield, as well as his Violet-level skip of resurrecting dead allies — or himself — once per battle can be very helpful. Galahad was good as a secondary or primary Tank at first, but we’ve since switched to using Elmir as a frontline Warrior alongside Astaroth. His first skill allows him to go to the back line and do damage as a ranged Hero, while his second, third, and fourth skills are all connected to his ability to create clones of himself that both serve as damage-absorbing decoys (second skill onward) and extra sources of offense (third skill onward).

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Your mileage may vary when it comes to the ranged Heroes, but thanks to Hero Wars’ special events in May, we’ve mostly been using Ginger, Keira, and/or Helios in that capacity. If you took part in those events, you may likely have a three- or four-star Keira or Helios in your list of Heroes. Astrid and Lucas (the featured Hero in the most recent special event) is a Marksman by default, but Astrid’s first skill allows her to unleash her pet cat Lucas as a frontline fighter. As such, this “two-heroes-in-one” character could complement your Tank up front AND fill out your ranged Hero quota at the same time.

Lastly, some players have enjoyed success using both Thea and Celeste as double healers on the same party, but we tend to prefer the latter, as she can be of great help in Light Form (by healing allies) and Dark Form (by cursing enemies) alike.

2. Try To Fight As Often In The Arena As Possible To Earn More Arena Coins

In line with the first tip, we also suggest taking part in as many Arena battles as you could — by default, you have five per day, though you could use Emeralds to purchase another set of five battles, and keep on doing so multiple times in a day depending on your VIP level. The obvious benefit of this is that you will have more chances to earn Arena Coins, which, in turn, leads to more chances to use this currency on Soul Stones for Arena-exclusive Heroes Chabba, Judge, and Dark Star. Since you can earn Emeralds for beating your previous high ranking in the Arena, you can use your premium currency to buy a new set of battles or two, but don’t overuse this feature — there are many practical things you can use your Emeralds for, but you can only use so many of them!

Aside from earning Arena Coins the organic way, you can also earn them as part of the game’s special events, which would be the best time to use those Arena battle refills. This isn’t always the case in Hero Wars, but the game often has limited-time events based on Arena participation, and you can earn coins — both regular and Arena — for fighting a given number of times in a day. In other words — it’s preferable to use your five daily battles and no more when there’s no Arena-specific event going on, but when there is, go ahead and use your Emeralds to buy a refill, but not too often — subsequent refill purchases in a day become progressively more expensive!

3. Use The Emerald Exchange For A Quick Infusion Of Common Currency

It takes coins in order to promote your Heroes from one skill tier to the next, and it also takes coins to promote them from one star level to the next. Likewise, if you unlock a new Hero with the Soul Stones you’ve purchased, acquired from certain campaign chapters, or gotten from the chest, you need to pay several thousand coins to actually summon them and add them to your roster of Heroes. But coins can be hard to come by if you simply grind through the levels, even if you use up all your energy on quickly raiding those levels you’ve previously three-starred. Even completing certain quests or event tasks won’t earn you the quick coins you need for that big purchase, may it be a new Hero summon or promotion, a new item that you need to craft in order to get your Hero promoted, or even EXP potions for leveling up. What can you do if you need common currency in Hero Wars and need it fast?

how to unlock new hero in hero wars

If you have enough Emeralds for a couple spins of the wheel, you can tap on the plus sign near your coins total, which will take you to the Emerald Exchange. (If you happened to take advantage of one of the game’s Emerald promos and used real money to buy yourself a ton of the premium currency, you’re free to take way more than a couple of spins!) As you can see on the wheel, you can earn a given amount of coins, or double, five times, ten times, or 100 times that amount of coins, for each spin — the base amount goes up for every multiple-of-five spins you complete in a day, but so does the Emerald cost per spin, which starts at 20, then goes to 25 after the fifth spin, 30 after the 10th, and so on.

Just to set your expectations — about 80 percent of the time, you’ll end up with a boring old x1 multiplier, even if it seems like the “x1” spaces make up only half the Emerald Exchange wheel. But who knows — you just might get lucky, so don’t give up if your first few spins don’t result in any multipliers! But don’t overspend either on the Emerald Exchange if you’re low on Emeralds — carefully budgeting your resources is the key if you’re planning to play the game without spending a single real-life cent.

4. Complete More Expeditions Via The Airship

Right below the Stats section of each Hero profile, you’ll see the Artifacts tab, where you will see three spaces for specific items that, if leveled up and evolved (meaning star rating increased), could make your Heroes markedly more effective, not just in terms of their own skills/stats but in terms of their allies as well. For example, Astaroth’s Scythe of Redemption, at level 7, has a 30 percent chance of activation and adds 95 to his Armor stats, and once activated, that 30 percent chance would apply to the odds of Astaroth’s Flame Veil skill (the protective shield he uses as his first skill) giving bonus stats to his allies for nine seconds. But how can you “awaken” these Artifacts and how can you get the resources to level them up?

The answer to this question can be found by tapping on the Airship tab on top of the main menu screen. In here, you’ll see four tabs — clockwise from the top, these are Valkyrie’s Favor, Artifacts, Expeditions, and Merchant. The first tab either allows you to receive a periodical gift from the Valkyrie (usually an Artifact Chest Key), but could also allow you to “gain” Valkyrie’s favor for more Artifact Coins, a chance to take part in special Expeditions, and faster combat speed before these Expeditions can be completed — we’ll get to the Expeditions soon, but before we get there, we should inform you that activating Valkyrie’s Favor will cost you $5 USD or its local equivalent. (You will, however, get 10 Artifact Chest Keys as a bonus for signing up.)

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The Artifacts tab is a one-stop shop of sorts for viewing all your Heroes and the Artifacts that have been awakened, or unlocked — you can view the same information by individually tapping on the Artifacts tab for any given Hero. What’s really important, though, is the tab to its left — Expeditions — which allows you to send your Heroes off on timed missions, making sure that you meet the minimum required combined power with your group of five. You don’t need to do anything on your end but wait — but once the waiting time is finished, you will earn guaranteed upgrade materials for your Artifacts.

5. How To Get More Artifact Coins

The Merchant section is the Airship’s shop, and you can go here to use your Artifact Coins to purchase Artifact Fragments, which, once you get enough of, would allow you to awaken an Artifact for whichever Hero can use it. But how do you get these Artifact Coins? One way to do this would be to use your Artifact Chest Keys after tapping on the chest icon in the Airship. You can get resources for leveling up and evolving Artifacts, but also Artifact Coins, though the odds of earning coins aren’t as high as they are for receiving the other resources. However, you can also receive more items from the Artifact Chests by leveling up the chest itself — this is done simply by earning more keys and opening more chests. You’ll need to be patient, though — for example, leveling an Artifact Chest up from level 3 to 4 would require opening a whopping 150 chests!

6. Win More Boss Battles At The Outland

In our Hero Wars beginners’ guide, we briefly mentioned the Outland, and explained that you will need to be at level 25 in order to access this feature. How does it work and what’s in it for you if you complete more Outland battles?

hero wars boss battle

In their most basic form, Outland battles are boss battles where you will be facing three different enemies with their own characteristics — Vadjar the Incinerator is immune to magic attacks and protected against ranged attacks, Ilyssa the Weaver is immune to magic attacks and protected against melee attacks, and Brog the Conqueror is immune to physical attacks. Only some of your Heroes may be qualified at first to fight these bosses (it would depend on their level and their class, mainly), but as you keep leveling up your Heroes and acquiring new ones, each boss battle will virtually be a walk in the park. You can organize a party of as many as five Heroes against one boss, and this usually means boss battles that last less than a minute, with the rewards either being 100 Outland Coins or 50 Skin Stones once you open a chest after a win. Opening subsequent chests will cost you, but as you’ll find out, it’s fairly easy to get (or have) enough Outland Coins for one Soul Stone purchase a day, thanks to the quest rewards.

Your Daily Quests will always include those that reward you with Outland Coins for upgrading your Heroes’ skins at least once, for defeating all three Outland bosses, and for completing at least five Outland boss battles. That’s more than 200 Outland Coins through the Daily Quests, and if you add that to at least three boss battle victories (you’re allowed five a day for free) where you get Outland Coins by opening the chests, you’ve got a fairly good chance of earning at least 500 units of this currency and buying five Soul Stones to get closer to unlocking/evolving Elmir, Jorgen, Qing Mao, and/or Luther.

7. Consume A Ton Of Energy Or Defeat The Highwayman To Earn Rare Items

As an alternative to repeatedly raiding Campaign missions where certain items you need may be found — may it be for a Hero to equip or to craft into a brand new item — there are a few things you can do to slowly, but surely, get the items you need. The first would be by completing the energy-based Daily Quests, which reward you with boxes containing rare items. Take note that this would usually be one of each, so don’t expect a fully formed Splitter, but rather a Splitter fragment to appear when you open these boxes, as a basic example of what to expect and not to expect.

hero wars exchange shop

Since you can only have so much Energy per day depending on your level (or how often you return to the game for your periodic boosts of 60 Energy), another alternative is to “strike down” the Highwayman in the Outland menu. This is the left option on that menu, and it allows you to send a party of up to five Heroes to battle against a variety of enemies, much like you would in a Campaign mission but typically easier. Depending on the degree of difficulty, you could win yourself boxes with some common or rare items, all of which could be useful as you go along! (Take note that boxes don’t always come with items inside of them — they may sometimes contain coins or EXP potions.)

Also, you can check out the various mode-specific shops in the game to purchase rare items that you may need for Hero promotion, with the rarer and better ones typically available in the stores that correspond to modes where it’s hard to earn a lot of mode-specific currency — the Arena Shop being a classic example. We would usually advise against using your mode-specific currency on these items unless you’re loaded and have unlocked all the available Heroes in that mode’s special shop — grinding, at least, costs you energy, which is easy (if time-consuming) to replace as it automatically replenishes.

8. What’s In It For You At The Tower?

The Tower becomes available once you reach level 40, and it essentially functions as a gauntlet mode where you pick five Heroes, have them fight an AI-controlled rival group of five Heroes, then move on to the next battle against a stronger group of enemies; this goes on until all the level 40-and-above Heroes on your roster are killed. You can win 15 Skulls if none of your Heroes are killed, 10 if one dies, and 5 if two or more lose their lives in the battle.

It won’t be just fighting in the Tower, however, as battles are often broken up on certain floors, which contain two types of chests. The first you’ll encounter is a chest where you could pick one or more random buffs — do you want additional Magic Defense, additional Armor, additional Damage in general, or do you probably want to boost a certain Hero’s HP or ability points, or even raise one of them from the dead? The buffs are randomized except on the first few chests, and better ones will naturally cost more, so choose wisely, and make the most out of your Skulls.

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The second type of chest contains a choice of three rewards — regular coins, Tower Coins, or super-rare items that you can use for promoting Violet-tier Heroes. Tower Coins can be used to purchase Soul Stones or items at the Tower Shop, and just like with the regular coins, there’s a small chance you could make a “critical” draw and get twice more currency than usual. You can only pick one reward chest per floor for free, as opening subsequent chests will cost you some Emeralds.

9. Why Having More Heroes Helps In The Tower

Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to the hero-collection aspect of Hero Wars. Some believe that it’s best to stick to a “lean-and-mean” approach and only focus on a few Heroes rather than trying to unlock them all. Others believe that there are merits to unlocking as many Heroes as possible and getting all of them up to a respectable level, at least. If you subscribe to the latter school of thought, then you should enjoy much success while running through the gauntlets in Tower mode.

hero wars team

Of course, even if you have a ton of unlocked Heroes, you shouldn’t send them out willy-nilly when it comes to the Tower. It’s still best to follow the principles of having a balanced team, as discussed in the first tip. And it also pays to send your weakest Heroes out first — they may not always win the battle, but they can, at least, “soften up” the enemy team to the point that your next team of five (preferably your best five) can easily beat them without having to use too many special skills. Some strategies may work better for some players than others, but we generally suggest alternating early on between your worst and best available groups of five when going through the Tower — weaker Heroes to soften up the enemies, stronger ones to finish them off.

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Also remember that you can skip Tower battles, depending on how many fights you won in the previous day! So if you won 15 battles in the Tower yesterday, that means you can skip the battles that take place from floors 1 to 15 today. Additionally, you can exit out of a Tower battle before it’s over in the event you feel you’re going to lose — this is one form of rage-quitting the game tolerates (you’re facing AI enemies anyway), so take advantage of this in the event you made a poor choice of Heroes and are getting handily beaten by the enemy side.

10. The Grand Arena – It’s All About Ranking

Last, but not the least, the Grand Arena is the final feature/mode that gets unlocked, and that takes place when you reach level 50. The idea here is that you will be choosing your 15 best Heroes and dividing them into three teams of five, likewise choosing defensive and attacking lineups like you would do in the regular Arena. After this, you will be taking part in best-of-three battles against other human players, though unlike in the regular Arena, you don’t earn Grand Arena Coins after winning a battle. Instead, your ranking serves as the basis for the amount of Grand Arena Coins you can earn per hour — ranking outside the top 1,000 gets you 5 coins per hour, having a rank between 501 and 999 gets you 10 coins per hour, and so on. That means if you’re content with your ranking — say, if you’re earning at least 10 coins per hour — you don’t need to fight in the Grand Arena again unless you fall from the top 1,000. Once again, you’re only allowed a maximum of five battles per day, with subsequent refills (depending on your VIP level) costing you progressively more Emeralds.

When it comes to Grand Arena strategy, the key to forming a good defensive group is to make sure one of your three teams is considerably weaker than the others — you want to keep the best of the best limited to two groups that you feel would give you a sure win during any given arena defense. Coming up with a good attack group works similarly — only, since you can view your rival’s groups, you’re now free to optimize things based on how they’ve set up their defense. For example, if your opponent’s first team consists of their strongest Heroes whom you have no match for, you can place your weaker Heroes against them for your first attack team and take the loss in the first battle, then save your best for the second and third battle, since chances are that opponent’s weaker Heroes are in the second and third teams.

Again, the principles of balanced team formation apply here — each team of five should have one Tank/Support, one other frontliner, two ranged characters, and ideally one Healer. (In the absence of a third Healer, you can use that fifth Hero on your third team as a wild card — either another Tank, another Warrior, another Mage/Marksman, and so on.)

These would be our tips and tricks for winning more arena battles and dominating the other game modes in Hero Wars. If you happen to know additional strategies for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment area below!

marco lam

Tuesday 18th of May 2021

Hi, i'm level 50 on hero wars.I'v just started grand arena, i'v been paying for tools to make my hero's to orange rank.Thank you...

Steven Morris

Tuesday 9th of February 2021

Something I came across in campaign mode....Maya can tank. I got her early in the game, purchased her second star and down the campaign trail she went, all the way to level sixty tanking her pretty a$$ off.


Wednesday 6th of May 2020

The spin for gold is luck of the draw. If you would of bought gold through the theater, you would of received 375000 gold in your example above. You only spun for 298574. A loss of over 75000 gold. But, if you're lucky, it only takes one 5x or 10x for the spin to be more beneficial.

But I've only gotten 2 5x spins and 1 10x spin. Because of this, I don't use it very often except for special events since I want to spend gems to get soul stones. Otherwise, I play the known quantity and know that if I give up getting 30 emeralds in the theater that I can get 75000 gold instead.

David Turner

Wednesday 18th of December 2019

need better stats and team suggestions, dmg amounts hlth armor on each hero?

marco lam

Tuesday 18th of May 2021