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Hero Wars (Nexters) Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Units (Tier List)

There are plenty of heroes available in Hero Wars, and there are not enough resources to level up all of them in a reasonable amount of time, so you will have to pick what characters you want to invest your resources on. Most heroes are at least usable, but not all heroes are able to defeat the harder bosses in the game, for example Khornak, the boss of Chapter 14, or Ilyssa. In this Hero Wars guide, we will share with you a comprehensive list of the best heroes in the game and explain why they are so good.

Generally speaking, in the front you will want a hero to function as the main tank, and another hero that works as an off-tank and that provides some utility. Then in the back you will want a healer, and two damage dealing units. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer physical or magical damage, what really matters is that one of your two damage dealers provides armor or magic penetration based on your team’s main type of damage. So, if you are focusing on dealing magic damage, you will want a hero who provides magic penetration, such as Mojo or Orion, to bolster the damage dealt by purely offensive mages like Kai, or Dark Form Celeste.

Best Tanks – Ziri, Chabba & Cleaver

hero wars ziri

Ziri is amazing. She is insanely tanky, she can make her enemies focus her by taunting them, and she reflects the physical damage she takes. The problem with Ziri is that she leaves her backline open when her health drops below 30%, as she burrows underground to regen her health, although when she comes back up she stuns all the heroes she hits.

Chabba brings numerous disables to the table, combined with the ability of becoming even sturdier, and regenerating his own health. Wild Hunger renders an enemy completely useless for 4 full seconds, breaking the enemy lines, and regenerating Chabba’s health while the enemy is swallowed. Burp is a powerful slow, and Fat Layer is the spell that makes Chabba insanely tanky, by giving him additional armor the more health he loses.

Cleaver is also crazy good, he can open up the enemy lines with his Hook, Putrefaction makes him deal a lot of damage to enemies around him, and it also helps him recharge a huge amount of energy very quickly. Cleaver works very well in tandem with any healer, to recover the health he spends to use Putrefaction. Peppy gets an honorable mention, as her Boldness is an insane spell when combined with Putrefaction, since it works on self-damage as well. Cleaver is the rarest unit in the game, and he requires a massive amount of Soul Stones to get summoned, which makes him very hard to get, but it’s worth it.

Almost any tank is good, even the lower tier ones like Galahad, since they are still good at soaking hits. The reason these are our 3 choices is that the amount of utility and damage they provide is way higher than what the others bring to the table.

Best Offtanks – Astaroth & Ishmael

hero wars astaroth

Astaroth has been buffed recently, and is now an incredible asset to any team. It can survive long times thanks to his durability, and all of his spells are very useful. Starting from his ultimate, Flame Veil, which can block a lot of physical damage for all of his allies, to Devastation, a spell that burns the energy of your enemies, and Demon’s Allegiance, a passive ability great at helping your frailer team members to not get slaughtered by powerful Area of Effect attacks. Lastly, Last Word is another amazing spell that allows Astaroth to revive a fallen teammate once per match. You get Astaroth for free at the start of the game, making him slightly easier to Evolve throughout the game than if you just had to build him up from scratch.

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Ishmael is another solid choice, his shards to Evolve him are easy to get, as you can buy them in the Arena Grand Shop, he deals massive amounts of damage thanks to his very high chance of scoring a critical hit, especially when Awakening is active, he has lots of sustain thanks to the vampirism provided by Dark Craft, and his ability to dodge enemy attacks granted by Mirage. Additionally, he has access to a stun on every 4th attack, which is always useful when facing powerful enemies. Furthermore, he provides armor penetration to his teammates with Alchemist’s Folio.

Best Healers – Thea, Nebula & Maya

hero wars thea

Thea is by far the best dedicated healer in the game, the amount of healing she provides is insane, both on single target with Healing Beam, and to all of her allies at once thanks to her ultimate, Solar Sanctuary. She also provides some nice utility with her Vow of Silence to stop an enemy from casting spells for 3 seconds, and her passive ability, Second Wind, makes all of your team more powerful when their health is low, specifically, she improves their speed by 30%. Like with most heroes in this list, her Soul Stones are easy to farm, making evolving her rather easy, which is what makes these heroes extremely powerful.

Nebula is slightly worse as a pure healer compared to Thea and Maya, but the amount of utility she brings to a team is so high that not including her into this felt incredibly wrong. Her ultimate, Astral Projection, is very annoying, as it deals damage and drains the Energy of her enemies, while Serenity heals her two most weakened allies. Disharmony can be very helpful in finishing off wounded enemies, as Nebula will use it on the opponent with the lowest health. Lastly, Equilibrium is another wonderful support ability that gives a huge boost to both physical and magical attack of a nearby ally for 5 seconds.

Maya is also a great healer, Queen of Flowers is a terrific ability that provides health regeneration to everyone on her team, and that can even soak some hits. Queen’s Revenge makes it so that destroying the flower will make it entangle the nearest enemy, preventing them from moving, and damaging him for the next 8 seconds. Her other two spells offer additional damage and control. All of her healing and damage is done over time, so she pairs best with heroes that thrive in prolonged fights, as her spells need some time to ramp up before they reach peak effectiveness.

There are other supports who have access to heals, the only reason they aren’t in this list is that they aren’t as good at healing, but if you feel like you need more damage, buffs, or control, make sure to try out Mojo or Jorgen.

Best Mages – Orion & Helios

hero wars orion

Damage, damage, and more damage! That’s what Orion is all about, dealing huge Area of Effect damage to all of your enemies. Total Destruction fires 6 missiles at the enemy with the highest health, causing massive damage, Magnetic Field causes an explosion in the backlines of the enemy squad, slowing everyone who gets hit, and it also deals respectable damage. Antimatter Blast stuns Orion’s nearest enemy, and deals more damage than any other abilities in his arsenal. Full Charge makes Orion recover additional Energy with each attack it fires, allowing him to fire off his ultimate much more frequently compared to other heroes, improving his damage output. He also boosts the damage of other magical sources on your team thanks to his magic penetration.

Do not get fooled by Helios’ “support” label. Every spell he uses is all about dealing damage, especially Star Birth, his ultimate, an ability that deals a lot of damage in an area around where the solar spheres explode.

There are plenty other mages in the game, and all of them are pretty good on their own, just make sure that the heroes you pick work well together, as explained in the introduction of the guide. Orion is amazing when paired with any other offensive mage, such as Kai, Satori, or Krista.

Special Mention – Celeste

hero wars celeste

Celeste is one of a kind in the roster of the game. She can switch between her Light form and her Dark form thanks to her ultimate, Two Fates. Her spells’ effects change based on her form, when she is in Dark form her spells are offensive in nature, and focus on blocking healing and dealing damage, while in Light form her spells are mostly defensive in nature and focus on healing and removing debuffs from her teammates, even her basic attacks will target her own teammates to heal them.

Two Fates costs Celeste half of her energy, and allows her to switch between her two forms. When she switches to her Dark form, she will create an area of Cursed Flames around the center of the enemy team, which prevents them from healing. When she switches to Light form, Celeste will direct a Purifying Sphere at her ally with the least amount of health, healing them for 5 seconds. This duality persists throughout her entire kit, with White Night having the exact same effects of Two Fates minus the switching form, directing Cursed Flames on enemies or a Purifying Sphere to her lowest ally based on her current form. Limbo converts the blocked healing into magic damage for the enemies that would have been healed. Lastly, Zenith changes her basic attacks based on her form, they deal damage while in Dark form, and heal allies in Light form.

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Celeste is an amazing support, especially in the Arena, where most parties you will face will have a dedicated healer, if you manage to get her you should definitely consider spending resources on her, as the Arena is very important to be able to progress through the higher stages due to its rewards.

Best Marksmen – Jhu & Ginger

hero wars jhu

Jhu is all about living life dangerously. All he does is attacking people repeatedly, until they die. Or until he dies. All of his abilities are about boosting the damage output of his basic attacks. His ultimate, You will not stop me, grants him a huge bonus to his attack speed, and also makes him immortal, his signature ability though is I will take your life, an ability that makes Jhu expends his own health points to increase the damage his basic attacks inflict to his target. I see you makes Jhu focus on a ranged enemy and it further boosts his damage, while The spirits will heal me grant Jhu a lot of health regeneration after he uses his ultimate.

Ginger is a powerful marksman that deals more damage the more time she hits the same target consecutively. Her ultimate, Lead Storm, is insanely powerful, and you will often see Ginger using it multiple times in a row, because of how many kills the spell can get with each cast, making her energy refill real fast. Most marksmen focus their damage on a single target, and Ginger is no exception, since her basic attacks deal progressively more damage to her target, the longer she hits him. But, unlike mant other marksmen, she deals respectable Area of Effect damage as well, aside from the already mentioned Lead Storm, Suppressive Fire is another spell that allows Ginger to hit multiple enemies at once, while Penetrating Shot is even more interesting, as it makes Ginger hit the enemy immediately behind her target with a devastating shot.

This ends our Hero Wars guide to the best heroes in the game. While these are undoubtedly the best, you can just work with what you are given by the game, since every hero is perfectly capable of making you progress through the game, and team synergies are more important than having single good heroes. Make sure to experiment with different team compositions, as that is a huge part of what makes Hero Wars fun in the first place. Understandably, everyone will have their favorite heroes and team compositions, make sure to let us know yours in the comments!


Tuesday 13th of April 2021

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Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Martha is the best healer in the game

Ghislain Laframboise

Sunday 6th of December 2020

I Got Astaroth, Yasmin, Qing Mao, Arachne and Martha as a fast killing team ! However i replace Arachne with Morrigan against Astaroth and add Helios against other Yasmin and Cornelius against CĂ©leste and Sebastian against Jorgen. But recently team like Chabba,, Phobos, Lian, Jet and Dante give me a lot of trouble. That's why i can i putt all my stone on this or that team i prefer having a complete team even my hero rank is half my hero team.

Harsha K

Saturday 24th of October 2020

My team is Galahad , Maya , Ginger , Keira and Thea. Good team. But I should try those above heroes as well.

Jeremiah Jacobs

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

kiera and elmir arent that good for their roles and i agreed that ginger is the best marksmen