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Factory Inc. Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Factory Empire Fast

Cheetah Games on the Google Play Store or Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited on the Apple App Store, is the same mobile gaming development arm of Cheetah Mobile, a company that has been developing apps and games for both Android and iOS platforms since 2014. Of the 15 games it has on its current portfolio, Piano Tiles 2 and Rolling Sky top the list with 100 million downloads each while both Tap Tap Dash and Dancing Line has earned more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. If you enjoy playing a wide variety of casual arcade or idle clicker simulation games, then chances are you have also played some games from this publisher and have a fairly good idea of the quality of games they release.

Factory Inc. is the latest idle clicker game from Cheetah Games and currently sits at number 6 in the list of strategy games on the Apple App Store. The game has likewise been trending on the Google Play Store and is continuously earning more downloads and largely positive reviews from the growing number of users. While there are plenty of free idle clicker games available for mobile gamers, Factory Inc. still manages to present unique ways of crafting an engaging and addictive game that will get you hooked as soon as you start playing. It’s a game you should definitely try if you are out looking for a game you can play and enjoy during short breaks and idle hours.

As a newly-appointed boss of a factory, your seemingly never-ending task in Factory Inc. is to continuously grow your factory through acquiring and upgrading machineries, discovering and manufacturing new products, and meeting the ever-increasing demands for it. Things are pretty simple and easy at first and as you expand and expand your factory further, your multi-tasking skills will be put to the test more and more. While profit will stay to be your primary objective, selling your factory and starting over may reset all you have for a while, but the rate at which you get back to where you were as well as getting past that will grow easier with each factory sale.

There are definitely mechanics to understand and learn as you play Factory Inc. but each one will be explained quickly as you progress through the early stages. The tutorial is easy to follow and each activity and menu is just a few clicks away. You can most definitely make progress regardless of how much time you spend on the game but like all other idle clicker games, the more you stay active and actually play the game, the faster your factory empire will grow. If you just started playing the game and looking for ways and means of boosting your progress to maximum efficiency, then our Factory Inc. beginner’s guide offers plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to get you started on the game right and help you get on your way to become the top factory tycoon.

1. Understand The Basic Mechanics

There are various factors to consider in boosting your factory’s income in Factory Inc. and there are certainly a lot of investments you would want to lodge your extra earnings on in your attempt to maximize profits at the fastest rate. You will start out with manually having to tap on your most basic product to unlock new and more profitable ones but will soon have the help of several machines as well as managers to make the job a little easier.

factory inc tips

As you will unlock and be able to install new machines as part of the tutorial continue on purchasing and installing new ones as long as your funds can afford to do so. This will add more power to your production line and will require less manual effort to smash tap on the products to change them into more profitable ones. Keep in mind that you will occasionally need to tap on machines to turn them on but if you do have a manager for a production line, he will help you ensure that each of the machines will stay active as much as possible. As you may forget to do so after the tutorial, simply click on the square at the upper right side of the production line and then click on the green arrow to assign a manager to it.

Take note that each product has numbers beneath it and those numbers indicate the Hit Points of the item. Bringing it to zero will transform it into a more expensive one that has much higher HP. Machines, as well as manual taps cause damage to items on the production line up until they have transformed into their final form. At some points in the game you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to cause enough damage to the materials to shift them into the next discoverable item as your manual taps, as well as your machines which is why you need to upgrade both the factory and the machines from time to time.

While it will be easier to simply spend as much as you have on one item at a time, balancing investments across everything that needs to be upgraded is the best way to go. Essentially, spending more time on the game actually playing it will be more beneficial in the long run and knowing how each investment contributes toward increasing your profits will be essential to reaching your goals fast and earning you more money faster.

2. Ensure That Both Boosters Are Always On

There is a Money Booster and a Speed Booster icon at the bottom right side of your screen which, when clicked on will show you a 15 to 30-second ad but will reward you with twice as much income for a given duration of time as well as double the production speed of your supplying machine. There are loads of benefits you can earn in Factory Inc. that come from playing video ads but these boosters top all of them off and are most essential if you want to grow your factory fast and earn huge sums of money.

factory inc boosters

Take note that these boosters can also level up based on the number of times you have clicked on them and played ads. As such, be sure to always turn both on when you log back in on the game to boost your productivity by 4 times as much.

3. Push Factory Upgrades To Unlock New Product Lines

As far as prioritization of spending funds goes, the most efficient approach in Factory Inc. to spend earnings on is the factory itself. Each level you gain will boost income as well as raise the strength of your hammer as you pummel through the products to convert them into something more valuable. While it is a good idea to go all in on this, the best course of action is to simply hit the milestone and unlock a new product line. Once you click on the Factory icon the lower left side of your screen, the factory menu will show you the level to reach to unlock a new product line among other details.

New product lines absolutely result in higher profits but these requires much more power to convert into subsequent products. The faster you unlock new product lines though, the higher your income grows, which applies just the same even if you go offline. Additionally, orders which generate more profits for you will increase depending on how many product lines you can manufacture. Once you have unlocked a new product line, be sure to start investing your money on other helpful upgrades on machineries as well as purchasing General Boxes at the Shop.

4. Purchase And Upgrade Your Machines

Another constant factor that you will invest continuously on is the machines that you collect and upgrade for boosting efficiency and profitability at your factory. Whenever you see an exclamation mark indicator on the Shop icon at the bottom of your screen, it means that you can readily purchase a general box which contains new machines, experience which can boost these machines’ quality, as well as parts which are needed to upgrade them. Take note that upgrade and levelling up are two different enhancement methods you can apply to each machine and while both are actually levelling up in essence, we will use upgrade on the machine itself and levelling up on the slots in the production line where your machines are installed.

factory inc machines

Primarily, the focus should be on the easier feat which is actually levelling up the slots where your machines are installed, including the supplying machine where materials drop off from. Once you click on the green box which indicates a particular machine slot’s level, you will see a lot of details indicating that each level up boosts profit and supply or power as well as the next level requirement to double the latter values. To spread your extra money as far across all upgrade and enhancement options as efficiently as possible, start off by pushing to level each machine slot to multiples of 25 as these will double supply or power. Continue on going for the next milestone once all machine slots have been upgraded and your income is not yet enough to reach a new product line.

Ideally, you should push to quickly expand your production line to be able to hold 5 machines in addition to the supplying one but it won’t be as efficient if you are at a point in the game where you don’t have enough machines to fill in those empty slots. Following this, the next focus of attention should go towards the shop as you should purchase as many general boxes as you can afford to unlock new machines as well as secure experience and parts to upgrade each one.

To upgrade your machines, click on the Machine icon at the bottom of your screen to see the inventory of machines you have unlocked as well as each one’s unique stats, experience you have over the required amount you need to be able to upgrade each one, as well as tuning costs for the upgrade which consumes parts. Take note that you will hardly have enough parts to upgrade each and every piece of machinery you have so depending on your preferences after going through each machine’s detailed stats, try to prioritize some over others and consider your top five picks for your first production line.

5. Make Sure To Prioritize Fulfilling Orders

While it is still a lot of fun to simply smash tap on your hammer and create the best possible output from a given product line while earning profits, you can definitely get a lot more out of following orders which can be seen at the upper left side of your screen. These orders won’t ask you for something that is impossible to accomplish and will quickly refresh once you meet the quantity required. If you are not yet that familiar with which product line the ordered item belongs to, you can view product selection via the icon at the left side of your supplying machine. Orders will only belong to product lines you have already unlocked and will reward you with cash, boxes, as well as diamonds for your hard work.

factory inc guide

The better the item demanded and the better the product line it’s from, the higher the rewards you get for completing them. As there are no time limits within which you have to produce the items, the only reason you would want to accomplish it is to unlock the next batch of orders for you to gain more rewards from.

6. Take On And Accomplish The Golden Pig Challenge

The Pig Challenge Icon at the bottom of your screen offers increasingly difficult feats that you can repeatedly try to accomplish for the best rewards. Once you have beaten a level though, you won’t be able to replay it and must proceed to the next higher challenge. If you find yourself struggling to reach the target figure within the time limit, it simply means that more upgrades are required on your factory and equipment to take on the challenge again.

factory inc golden pig challenge

In preparation for this, be sure to ready to smash tap on your screen as fast as you can for as long as you can hold out. If your current factory has two production lines on it when you accept the challenge, simply work on tapping away at the one with much higher levels of machines installed and machine slots as well.

7. Visit Collection And Achievement For Claimable Rewards

The Collection icon and Achievement Icon at the bottom of your screen not just presents some targets for you to set your eyes on but if you haven’t visited either one since you started playing the game there may already be claimable diamonds in store for you within each. Be sure to check on it from time to time as diamonds, being the premium currency in the game, is a lot tougher to earn in the game. You can also gain diamonds from completing some orders as well as completing challenges but the amount you can earn and collect through both these milestones will be a huge boost for you if you want to progress faster in the game.

factory inc achievements

Collection shows you the products you have unlocked and successfully produced in the game and for each product line you complete, you can claim 30 diamonds. Achievements offer a wide array of milestones to reach and meeting one unlocks a higher level of achievement that offers even more diamonds as rewards. Keep in mind though that you will have to watch an ad to claim your rewards for both but if you just want to sit idly and give your tapping fingers a rest, you can binge-play a series of ads to claim everything you can in one go.

8. Sell Your Factory To Grow Even Faster

Once your factory reaches a certain level, you will notice an indicator appear on the Bank icon at the bottom side of the screen. Although you can continue on with your production and earn much with your current setup, proceeding immediately to sell your factory and starting over would be the best way to go. Starting from scratch again all seems too tiresome, but you do get to keep your machine and their respective experience and levels and you will be rewarded with a multiplier that tremendously boosts your income generation.

factory inc cheats

Once you proceed to start over and begin production again, you will easily notice just how fast it takes for you to expand your production lines and upgrade your factory and machine slots again. Within a short amount of time you will certainly reach the factory level you were in prior to the sale and continue to earn more as an effect of the multiplier bonus. All subsequent sales will require a higher factory level to reach and the further you play the game, the longer it will take to reach the level requirement. Just the same, be sure to always grab the opportunity immediately once it becomes available as you can progress much faster the sooner you restart everything.

9. Tap On Those Drones For Extra Cash

It may not seem much but the green cash drones floating around your factory is a huge help to your factory empire-building venture. The amount of cash you can claim for free when you tap on these drones may be random, but the amounts reflect the amount of progress you have which means that the further you are in the game, the higher the extra profits it gives you.

factory inc cheats

On top of face amount you can claim, choosing to watch a 15 to 40-second video ad before claiming the free cash will multiply your rewards by 5 times as much making each tap on those drones all the more worth it.

10. Watch Ads As Much As You Can To Progress Faster

Video ads in free-to-play games have long since become an essential part of mobile games for quite some time. While there may still be players who refuse to accept it, these ads are what keeps these games available for everyone to play at absolutely no cost. While at times ads can be a bit excessive, to the point of being intrusive, and disrupts actual gameplay. There are those that are fully optional and will reward you with important resources to further progress your game faster if you opt to play them.

Although we have already shared a few instances in Factory Inc. where watching (or playing) video ads can help you progress the game faster, there are several more available that will likewise be beneficial for you if you want to grow your factory at a faster rate. To add to everything we have already mentioned, you should always choose to play ads when you hop back in on the game as doing so will increase your offline earnings tremendously. Likewise, you should also choose to watch an ad to sell your factory to the bank and gain an additional 10% increase in the boost that you will get on the reset. If for some reason, the product being ordered is a little too challenging for you to accomplish later on in the game, you can also watch a short ad to change it into another item, potentially something much easier to produce.

Admittedly, it can be pretty tiring to watch all those ads within a short span of time and occasionally, a little too often. Keep in mind though that even an ad playing for a full 40 seconds will reap you more rewards than what you would typically make within the same amount of time playing the game. Additionally think of Factory Inc. as a type of game that provides you with ample opportunities to rest your eyes and finger and still make you progress a lot faster than if you exert more effort manually tapping away at your device’s screen for longer periods of time.

And that is all we have for our Factory Inc. beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you learned a lot from the tips and strategies that we shared in our guide. Similarly, we hope that you enjoyed reading our article and that you won’t hesitate to let us know of your own discoveries relative to tips and strategies on this highly addictive game as well as your general thoughts on our guide. Be sure to drop us some notes in the comment area!


Sunday 29th of March 2020

whenever go in collection or golden pig challenge it just says loading


Friday 28th of February 2020

What do you do when none of the boosters work and haven’t for 2 weeks.....I’m close to just deleting app because it’s pointless otherwise.