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Dancing Line Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Extend Your Runs and Get More Cubes

Cheetah Games’ Dancing Line is a new Android and iOS casual arcade game that may remind you a bit of the myriad titles Ketchapp releases for both major platform. But it is, of course, made by a completely different company, and it comes with one important element that you don’t normally expect in Ketchapp’s titles – this is a music-based title. It’s also a bit deeper than your usual casual arcade game of its kind, as it comes with “different worlds of increasing difficulty,” with each of the worlds supposedly capable of “painting a unique picture and evoking different emotions.” You will have to tap the screen to change directions and avoid the obstacles and traps as you see them, but the key here is doing this while staying in rhythm with the music.

Even if you’re new to rhythm-based games or new to this game in specific, the learning curve in here shouldn’t be too daunting at all. But we still believe you might want to have a bit of an edge over other players, which is why we’ve come up with some helpful Dancing Line tips and hints. Check out these simple strategies and follow them the next time you play, and you’ll be avoiding more obstacles and going farther than you previously did in the game!

1. Watch Out For Things To Go Off-Sync

Most of the time, you won’t need to worry about any curveballs coming in your way – that means your taps will generally be in tune with the music and its beat. But since it wouldn’t be too challenging if things were always that way, the game does try to throw you off if you play a certain song too many times in a row; once this happens, the level and the song may no longer be in harmony with each other. This is especially true in the Chaos level, which delivers just that – complete and total chaos and an out-of-the-box playing experience. But there’s a way to work around this – exit the level and go back to the level select screen, and choose the level again, or choose a completely different level if you want to be on the safe side.

2. The Chaos Can Manifest In Other Ways

It’s one thing for the taps and the beat to go off-sync at times. But even if both taps and music are matching up with each other and seemingly in lockstep for the most part, there may also be situations where it might not seem that way. This usually happens in some of the harder levels, where you may encounter more than one path, and have to think whether to go one direction or the other. That would happen regardless of the background song, so be alert and always be on your toes, ready to make snap decisions to get you out of a tight spot!

3. It Might Actually Be A Good Idea To Play Without Music

This is a rhythm-based arcade game, so playing without music may sound counterintuitive. Then again, it might be a wise move for you to experiment a bit – play the game with music as recommended, and play it with the music turned off. While conventional players may score higher with the sounds turned on, others may prefer the music off, so as to minimize distractions. Who knows – the lack of music might work for you by eliminating something you believe may be distracting you. When playing with the sounds off, it will be all about watching the movement of your cube, and using your eyes to determine where it should be headed to, and how to avoid the obstacles.

4. How To Get More Cubes

Cubes are the form of energy used in Dancing Line, and each run will cost you one cube. Normally, you have to wait for the cubes to replenish automatically, and we’ve warned you so often about the risk of time lapsing that we won’t even consider that as an option. Instead, you can tap on your leftover cubes and get three choices if you want to replenish them. You can pay for 24-hour infinite cubes for one day, you can pay for 50 cubes at a time, or you can get 15 free cubes simply by watching a 30-second ad video. Since we always want players to enjoy as much success as possible without paying a dime, watching advertisements is naturally our most recommended option.

5. How To Unlock More Levels

Unfortunately, Dancing Line only has one unlockable level, despite the fact the game’s description seems to hint that there are more. But there should be more to follow in the future, as Cheetah Games keeps updating this title. Don’t worry about seeing the words “Coming Soon” next to a level – they will be coming soon, though we don’t know exactly when Cheetah plans to roll out their next update.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in Dancing Line. If you happen to know additional hints for the game, let us know in the comment area!