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Super Tank Rumble Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 6 Hints You Need to Know

Smilegate Megaport’s Super Tank Rumble is a new game for iOS and Android devices where you can virtually create your own tank, crafting it from various items and upgrading it as you go along. The real fun in here, however, comes from the battles you can engage in, battles against real players from around the world. Adding to the social features of this game, you can share your battle replays and tank blueprints, effectively rubbing it in on the players you’ve just defeated. There are more than 100 parts that could help you customize your tank and build it in your own image and likeness, and various other features that make this quite a promising title in the broader PvP genre.

You might be wondering how you can come up with the ultimate tank design, and develop a vehicle that could take out all those “human enemies” out there. How can you rub it in through those replays and blueprint shares and rule over your opponents? We won’t delve into the deeper details, but we will still be giving you a list of Super Tank Rumble tips and tricks that can, at the very least, start you off on the right foot if you’re a beginner. Read on and we’ll show you how to win some battles early!

1. Don’t Try To Reinvent The Wheel

One of the main selling points of Super Tank Rumble is, aside from the obvious selling point of PvP battles, the ability to make each tank in the game into something you can call your own. But you shouldn’t pressure yourself into creating the ultimate tank right away. Don’t get too fancy, and don’t overspend or overthink – you’ve got your stock parts to start with, and you will mostly be using those in the early goings of the game. So before you dream of bigger things and taking down tougher enemies, start out small and don’t stress yourself over creating a world-beater from the get-go.

2. How To Collect More Parts

Parts can be collected by naturally playing the game, which means beating more opposing players (start out with the lower-ranked ones, of course) and completing more quests, which we shall be explaining below. These parts may correspond to your tank’s body, its weapons, its wheels, and other elements, and you should start collecting them as soon as possible. Don’t worry about getting duplicates of the same part – the game will allow you to use them more than once on your tank, and if you’re getting a duplicate of a part that you know would work, that gives you the assurance you’re using something tried-and-tested.

3. Complete The Quests

Super Tank Rumble comes with different quests which you can complete, but it’s the daily quests that are arguably more important, and should be completed with a higher priority. Naturally, these quests will only be available for 24 hours, and would refresh the day later. You may be asked to do a variety of things in order to complete the quests, so make sure you check what has to be done, and work toward fulfilling the tasks. Quest gift you with different types of rewards, including parts, so complete as many of them as possible!

4. Beginner’s Tips For Creating Your Own Tank

Now here’s where you may want to pay close attention, as this is the part where we start telling you what you should do to customize your tank and make it better. So how do you start, and what do you do? First of all, you don’t need to create a large tank from the get-go; in fact, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, you can come up with a small tank that packs a lot of power. Remember that there is a physics element to the game on top of the tactical strategy aspect, and while it isn’t as important as your actual strategy, you should take physics into account; if you make your tank too large, it might be too slow to be competitive against opposing players. You may also end up decking your tank out too much, which also isn’t a good thing – as the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth! You want to make a functional tank that can ideally win battles, not a great-looking tank that’s all flash but no substance.

5. Beginner’s Tips For PvP Battles

Forget those predictable battles against AI enemies in other games – you know, and you will be able to figure the computer out over time. Super Tank Rumble’s heart is in its PvP feature, as this game is all about dominating human opponents and letting the world know that your tank is better than theirs. (That is, if you choose to share your replays and blueprints.) When it comes to beginner’s PvP tips, we would suggest that you change up your strategy on a regular basis – you might end up with repeat opponents who have figured out your style and know exactly what to do. Sticking to what works is fine to a certain extent, but don’t stick to the formula against everyone.

Also, take note of the design used and strategies employed by your opponents, especially if you suffer defeat. While it’s never a good thing to lose a battle, there’s always the silver lining of picking up their design and battle plans, so you can see what worked for them and what didn’t work for you.

6. Change Your Blueprints Over Time

Again, you may or may not choose to share your blueprints to the world. But it wouldn’t hurt to see the blueprints that have been shared, as these may serve as inspiration and convince you to tweak yours. Furthermore, you should also adjust your blueprints occasionally, as it could help you pull off a fast one against your opponents, who may be expecting something but would end up getting something completely different from you.

This wraps up our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Super Tank Rumble. If you know additional hints, feel free to leave us a message.