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Rolling Sky Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Mastering All Levels

Ready for the best time killer game ever? Rolling Sky is waiting for you! Basically, the premise of this game is that you’ve got a three-dimensional ball that you will move as far as possible by tilting your iPhone or Android phone. And as you tilt the phone, you will have to avoid a series of obstacles, but as you go farther in a level, the ball will move faster and the obstacles will keep adding up.

Sounds pretty simple, we would have to admit. But the case with games like this is that it’s difficult to master them. Learning is the easy part, but mastery is difficult, and that’s definitely the case with Rolling Sky. So let’s not waste any more of your time; let’s get to some Rolling Sky tips and tricks that can help you go farther in the game’s levels.

1. How Does The Lives System Work?

When you play Rolling Sky for the first time, you will have 20 balls to kick things off; that’s the number of lives you have, and the game will always inform you how many balls are remaining. And when you reach zero lives, that means you have the choice to wait it out until they replenish over time, or watch an ad video to get ten free balls back easily. Alternately, the game also offers you the option to make an in-app purchase for more lives, though we would suggest that you don’t do this and hold on to your money instead.

2. All Levels Are Available From The Get-Go

One good thing about this game is that there are five levels in this game, and they’re all available, even if they don’t look that way at first. You can play any of the levels any time, and you don’t need to complete Level 1 to unlock Level 2, and so on. So if you’re getting frustrated with one level, it’s as easy as quitting that level and going back to the select screen to choose a new one.

3. Your Eyes Might Play Tricks On You

When talking about the later, more difficult levels, including the fifth and last one, the obstacles may make you think that your eyes are deceiving you. In these levels, observe the patterns on the surfaces and object and use those observations to help you avoid them.

4. Beware Of Dropping Surfaces

You will also have to look out for surfaces that drop out the moment you touch them. That also makes it important to monitor the texture of the surfaces; a surface that falls or breaks away has a distinctive texture that’s easy to spot once you finally do.

5. Timing Is Important In The Jumps

Lastly, you may have to get ready for jumps from side to side as you make your way from one platform to the other. It’s very to overshoot these, so practice your timing and you’ll be able to get it down pat.