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Flick Field Goal 16 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Become the Ultimate Placekicker

Flick Field Goal 16 is an American football game for iOS devices that offers a more casual take on professional football; it gives you a chance to become the ultimate placekicker. This game comes to us from Full Fat, which also released NFL Quarterback and Flick Golf, and comes with the same stunning graphics from the aforementioned titles, including “incredible detail in players and cheerleaders.” There are three game modes, countless rewards to unlock, and easy, intuitive controls. You can even customize the ball if the classic NFL design bores you; you can customize it with flags, fireballs, 8-balls, and even a cheeseburger!

If you’ve been watching the NFL playoffs, you probably know how important it is to be a placekicker – they play the “least” football in an actual 60-minute game, but one missed field goal or point after touchdown could lose the game for the team. So are you up to the challenge? Do you want to be the ultimate placekicker, as Full Fat suggests? Check out these Flick Field Goal 16 tips and tricks and we’ll be happy to help.

1. Complete The Missions

The missions are pretty much your side quests in Flick Field Goal 16. They may sound optional and you might not want to bother with them, but you can earn some coins by completing them. Make sure you check the missions before entering the stadium, and who knows – you just might find yourself an easy way to earn a ton of coins in the game.

As for spending your coins, you should only use them when necessary. They’re best used for stadium upgrades, which give you passive buffs for the experience you earn per game.

2. Daily Training Is Important

You can take advantage of daily training as often as possible, just as long as it’s once a day at the very least. Your first training session will earn you bucks, which are the game’s premium currency. You can earn a maximum of six bucks in daily training, but if you don’t score well enough and earn enough bucks, that’s okay; the consolation is that you can use subsequent training sessions to practice. Interestingly, you may have to hit the field goal posts, which may sound counterintuitive, but such are the mechanics of the game.

3. How To Hit A Field Goal Properly

While the ball is mid-air, you’ll want to swipe quickly to (slightly) change the ball’s direction if you think the trajectory isn’t where it should be. Changing direction mid-air may be the game-changer you need that could turn a sure miss into a gold goal. Also make sure to check the strength of the wind before each kick. That can be seen in the top right corner of your screen, and use that to determine whether you should change kick trajectory to make up for the wind.

4. Focus On Combos

For each field goal that makes the gold zone, you’ll see your combo multiplier add up by one. That means successive field goals will earn you even more points. Missing one shot or even landing outside the gold zone but still making the FG will reset your combo, forcing you to start from scratch.