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Tap Tap Dash Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete More Levels

Tap Tap Dash is a game by Second Arm that fits in perfectly in the super-casual class of mobile games. One, it’s available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Two, it can be described as easy to learn, but hard to master insanely addictive game. So what’s it about? According to Second Arm, all you have to do is avoid falling off the path as you tap to jump or change direction. All in all, there are 250 levels in this game – lots of casual gaming fun for days or weeks to come.

Looking to survive longer in this game? Looking to complete more levels than you already have? Want to unlock more of the hidden characters the game promises? Read on, as we’ve got a list of Tap Tap Dash tips, tricks and strategies for anyone who plays this game and wants to become better at it.

1. Keep Your Character In The Middle

Regardless of what you’re doing in this game – jumping, changing direction, or simply moving around – you’ve got to do your best to keep your character in the middle of the path. If your character moves along the left or the right border, that increases your chance of falling off. But let’s face it – this is something that’s easier said than done. The paths may be unpredictable; they may look wide and easy to move through at first, then suddenly become narrower and throw you off, maybe literally, maybe not. This could take a lot of practice, but you’ll have to become adept at staying in the middle of the path for as long as possible, and when it makes its way to the green circle, keep yourself alert and prepare for the unexpected.

2. Timing Is Everything

There are a lot of reasons why this game is hard to master, despite being easy to learn. But the biggest reason, we’d say, is the parts where you will have to jump from one path to the next. This will often be quite hard to pull off, especially when the path is subdivided into shorter ones. What’s to do here? It sounds simple, but again, the key is practice; jump, move, turn, jump, and jump once again once you’re out of danger. Keep your eye on the green circles and you’re on the right track.

Timing, once again, is paramount to success in Tap Tap Dash. When you’re ready to jump, don’t tap on your screen too early. The only time you should tap is when your character mostly, or better yet, completely touches the green circle. Tapping when your character touches just a small part of the circle will prevent you from successfully reaching the next level.

3. When To Use Your Snails

For starters, we should remind you that out of the 250 levels in the game, many may appear very difficult to complete. But there are many others that are surprisingly easy to complete, with few sharp turns and a quick route. For those excruciatingly tough levels, you may need a little help from your gastropod friends, meaning your snails. Snails move slowly, of course, and their purpose is to help you negotiate sharp turns and successfully move from one path to the next. The snails will disappear when you’ve reached the next path.

4. How To Get Free Snails

Snails, as you can see, are a form of currency in this game. And here’s how you can get more for free. First step would be to tap on the “Play with Snail” button, then choose the option to watch an advertisement video. While you may encounter times where there wouldn’t be any videos available, you need not worry; wait it out a bit and the video offers will come back soon enough.
Sometimes, you may even have a chance to get not just one snails, but two. Be on the lookout for the Double Reward option on the top-right part of your screen. Simply tap on the banner, watch an ad video like you normally would, and you’ll get two snails instead of one.

5. Not All Levels Require Speed

You may find yourself struggling to keep up with the pace of the game in many a level, but there are quite a few where your character moves slowly. And to reiterate a point we made earlier, not all of the levels are seemingly impossible to complete. These levels can be considered as palate-cleansers, so to say, but to put it more accurately, they’re your chance to relax and maybe do a bit of practicing on your timing and other techniques. But don’t relax too much on these levels, as you may get too overconfident and end up failing them in the end.

6. Learn From Your Mistakes By Looking At Failed Levels

Believe it or not – you can view the levels you have just failed. There is an option to take a birds-eye view of a level, thus allowing you to see the exact point where your character died. And if your character dies in the middle of a level, you can also see half of the path in zoomed-out mode. Tap on your screen when the Failed screen appears, view the birds-eye view, and learn from your mistakes.

7. Play The Game Offline, But Not All The Time

These days, we generally refrain from advising our readers to play mobile games offline. After all, it’s about doing the developers the proverbial solid and helping them monetize their titles. But if the pop-up ads do get distracting – and they can be very distracting in this game – then it’s okay to switch off your Internet connection so that you don’t get thrown off. One main disadvantage here is that you won’t get any free snails, but if those ads keep throwing you off and preventing you from completing levels, turn them off for the meantime.


Friday 16th of December 2016

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